Stunning Bespoke Embroidery Art

New Designers, held every year in the Business Design Centre in Islington is a fantastic platform for up-and-coming talent. We go every year in search of fresh, innovative designs and emerging trends. This year we were particularly taken by the intricate work of Bristol based textile artist Jacky Puzey, whose digital embroidery and layers of laser-cut sheer fabrics create luxurious tableaus of urban wildlife.

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Jacky does bespoke commissions and we are hoping to use one of her unique and stunning pieces in our upcoming Knightsbridge project. We particularly love the textures created by her stitched mixed media – she often incorporates feathers, fabrics, wallpapers, dried flowers and leathers. The hyena above uses goat fur and feathers. Jacky’s preferred base is a thick organza, traditionally used for kimonos, which is transparent and when framed gives a slight hint as to the surface behind the work, with visible shadows from the embroidery, creating an extra layer.

The process is highly labour intensive, drawings are manipulated in photoshop and run through programming software for a digital embroidery machine.  Layers of thread in multiple colours are interrupted constantly to introduce the other media, often individually by hand. Hand finishing is then required, and often a wash of paint is applied.

Jacky’s current inspiration comes from the feral, urban wildlife that interacts with a man-made environment. She updates and puts a modern spin on the popular Victorian and Edwardian nature, flora and forna pastoral imagery. Her vibrant work is highly awarded, recently at New Designers and at Hand and Lock, where she scooped the top prize for her combination of hand-drawn lines and digital mastery.

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For bespoke commissions, detailed pieces around the 80x140cm size take around 2 months. You can reduce the costs by allowing Jacky to use your design as a repeated edition, usually of about 5 can strip a third off the production total.

For more information on any of the creations above contact the lovely Jacky via her website, or contact Kia Designs if you are interested in having a piece, either by Jacky or anyone else, specifically designed to enhance your home.


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