How Long Will My Build Take? Basic Refresh

In our last post we mentioned some of the major variables that determine build time.

We can narrow it down depending on what type of redesign you require. We generally break our designs into 3 categories: Design without construction, Some construction work, and full renovation/new build.


Minor construction work

For a ‘design without construction’ project, we are usually just injecting some life, or refreshing an existing layout. This can include putting in a new kitchen and bathroom (if the current arrangement isn’t changing too much), but generally doesn’t involve moving or removing walls. It can also include laying new flooring or reaccepting, but sometimes the entire floor can be transformed with a bit of buffing and different finish (from say, varnished to waxed). Because this work can be done relatively quickly, we will calculate the finishing date based on the longest lead time (the product with the slowest delivery date. Either because it has to be made from scratch or shipped from afar). Plus time for installing, cleaning, styling and some added contingency days. So that you/and us aren’t sitting in and waiting all day, every day for a stream of deliveries, we have everything delivered to our warehouse so it can be transported to your property all in one day. If you are having all your products ‘off the shelf’ we can turn the project in a matter of week, but usually these projects take about 3 months as most distributors and manufactures simply do not have the space to stock multiples of their designs, so it usually has to be assembled and shipped from their factories, which are usually on the continent. Likewise, a lot of lights and chandeliers are manufactured in multiple bits and when you buy one, someone at the factory starts work screwing it all together into larger pieces, which are then securely package and sent to you, where further assembly is required. That usually takes about a month.

So this is a rough guide to our timeline for non construction projects:

flow chart

Process time flow chart


Next we’ll explore basic timescales for minor and major building works…

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