How the end of a large project SHOULD look …

The end of a project is invariably the most stressful point of any project – this is because the client by this point has been patient for months and understandably wants to move into their beautiful new home.  From our perspective we are also unbelievably keen to see a project finished on time because, artistically, the reason that we do Interior Design is to produce an end product which surpasses the client’s expectation in the projected time frame.

One of the projects we are working on went from this...

In order to end a project on time it is necessary that, logistically, we are on the ball.  The first piece of information that it is necessary to ascertain is a finish date from the building contractor: we typically add a couple of weeks onto any finish date due to our acquired scepticism in this realm!  Once we have a  date by which a job should be finished we are able to arrange a date for the furniture to arrive into what should be ‘builder-free’ property.  On this day we oversee the delivery of all furniture and ensure that all items are in the appropriate positions and we also enlist a cleaning company to deal with the mess that is inevitably produced by the unpacking of furniture. this and at this point was still running on time

Even if all of the above goes smoothly it is still unlikely that the client will be able to walk into a 100% finished property as there will usually be a small amount of bespoke items (usually rugs) that take longer to make than the building work lasts!  Although it is a slight annoyance to have to wait for certain items the spectacular nature of bespoke items invariably makes them well worth the wait!

In order for ensure a smooth move-in for our clients a certain amount of stars do need to align but due to our expertise the chances of attaining the desired results on time are maximised. In my next blog I will run you through some of the problems that we have encountered with a recent project with regard to ending a project in the desired manner!

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