What is a client analysis?

This term that we have coined may sound rather formal but, in reality, it is quite the opposite.  Once we have met with a client, and all parties have decided that we can create something special together, we move on to this stage which is an opportunity for us to get to know the client and their tastes.  Most clients allow us to dictate the Design to a large degree (that is why they enlist our help after all) but there are certain bits of information that we do need to know before we can begin with the Design.  For example, if we are working on a guest bedroom that predominantly houses one particular guest it is useful to know if the colour ‘orange’ makes them go insane!

Prior to the client analysis most clients will rip out a number of pictures from magazines to show us their likes and dislikes.  In a recent client analysis, for example, every picture of a bathroom that was selected by the clients included a chandelier as the main light – this led us to the conclusion that, although the clients obviously wanted to have the practicality of a bathroom they also wanted the bathrooms to have a less clinical and more opulent feel (in other words, bring a bit of a living room feel into the bathroom).  Little details of what clients like and don’t like allows us to understand their tastes and create a room to suit them.

There new bathroom has been created out of half of this room below…

and half way through the project looked a little bit more like this… (finished shots coming soon!)  Notice the gorgeous chandelier coupled with spots so the bathroom is both beautiful and practical.

In essence, the client analysis allows us to get to know our client to an extent that we feel that we know what fabrics/materials/furniture they would like/dislike.  This allows us to create a Design from the client’s perspective, rather than from our own.

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