Interior Design Earls Court

Where do you get the furniture from?

Because of the absolute transparent nature of our pricing we have no affiliation to any particular brand – this allows us to pick the best piece of furniture for each situation without any hint of compromise (if you employ a store, for example, to do your Interior Design they will obviously push products that gain them the largest profit).

In the design above for example there are 10 different suppliers (we will be breaking down a few of our most loved designs this month so stick around and you will be able to see exactly where all these products are from!… you never know it might provide good Christmas present inspiration!)

In order to create the ideal living space for our clients we source products from all over the world – from exclusive boutiques to high-street stores, to handmade rugs and ornaments … (and the list goes on).  Indeed, there has never been  project wherein we haven’t found a new supplier in an attempt to provide our client with exactly what they want.  Some clients inform us that they have a particular love for a certain store and in such cases we will always include pieces from that store, mixed with more oblique pieces which compliment them.

Maybe a better title for this blog would have been ‘where do we not get furniture from?’ as we are constantly exploring new exciting products at International Exhibitions: on top of that we are regularly visited by top suppliers so that we can fully understand the benefit of such products for our clients.

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