Charlotte Jade And The Healing Powers Of Nature

We love working with many different suppliers. We have a huge database of designers and creators who we try as much as possible to keep up to date with. One of the pleasures of working in the interior design world is that there is a constant supply of new products emerging. It’s great meeting with suppliers and seeing what new collections companies are bringing out all the time.

Wallpaper is something which has made a huge comeback and the variety of patterns, colours and designs is now so diverse you can find something to suit everyone’s tastes, whether it’s a neutral shade of beige with an interesting seagrass texture, or a bold colourway showing a fancy geometric pattern.

One wallpaper designer we love and have referred back to for a number of years now is Charlotte Jade. Her designs showcase her beautiful talent for capturing nature.

We have used Charlotte Jade’s designs in a few different projects and we even installed one of her prints in our own previous office/studio, which our clients loved.


Last year we installed her hybrid flora design in white/green showing the beautiful banana and palm leaves as well as the ever popular monstera leaf. It was part of a hallway/dressing area from one of our projects in Wimbledon and it felt like we were bringing the outside in.



It’s not surprising that we as humans like visualising different aspects of nature in an interior space – it makes us feel good; it has been scientifically proven that visualising nature can reduce stress levels and can help with general wellbeing.

We have a built in need for open spaces; it gives us mental clarity, emotional balance. So seeing nature, even when we are inside, brings a meaningful response.

We’re currently working on a project which features another of Charlotte Jade’s beautiful designs. Her Botanical Palm Print in the white and green colourway will be going in the master bedroom of a penthouse, teamed up with some beautiful drop wall pendant lights by Vesoi.


By the way, she doesn’t just create wallpaper. There are beautiful fabrics, stationery and ceramic tiles too, and she’s even collaborate with TfL London Zoo! You check browse more of her beautiful creations here.

Check in soon for some sneak peeks of the design for this space as once it’s done, we will be adding images to our portfolio.

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