Stunning home by AGI Architects

I have been simply blown away by this gorgeous home design by AGI Architects.  Located in Al-Nuzha, a suburb of Kuwait city, Kuwait this home is simply beautiful!




Described by the architects:

“The form of the residence is reminiscent of the movement patterns of a mop, from which flexible volumes are organized diagonally around a central axis. This axis twists upwards to generate spaces that are channeling the vision in different directions: the front side of the house, side gardens and angles of the back street.

The circulation surrounding the patio on the first floor contrives of a succession of living spaces, which not only communicate to one another, but also relate visually the interior of the patio to the exterior. The first floor overhangs to shade the rooms on the ground floor, and the patio is designed to define a break in between the volumes of the house, which subtly reveals a side garden.”

via Mop House by AGI Architects 

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One comment

  • Mary September 6, 2012  

    These are really stunning home and I guess it worth millions of dollars when you buy the whole house. I also love the hardwood flooring and the home is designed well.

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