4 Things You Should Have Ready For Your Interiors Project

Whether you are a designer or looking to employ one there are a few things you will need at the beginning of a project to help it run smoothly. These are normally one of the first pieces we will ask to be able to give you a good indication of how we can work with you on your project.

Existing Ground Floor Layout


Even the estate agent ones will do. If you don’t have them that’s okay but it will be a little slower, to begin with. These allow us to be able to access the flow of the property and go through with a level of detail right at the beginning that our clients find extremely useful. Especially if we are working on a project remotely or our clients aren’t in the country when we take a project on. Our first meeting is often done online through Google Meet and so it allows us to deep dive the project from the outset.

Idea Books

Ideas can come from all kinds of places and sometimes this can take a little longer, however any kinds of ideas that you have gathered together of things that you like. As you will see from our portfolio all of our designs are extremely individual and represent the clients who are living in the property and not our studio style. We do however have lots of ideas available in our studio if clients are struggling with either overwhelm or to come up with any ideas that feel true to their own style.

Legal Documents

Deeds, freeholder agreements, building rules – these are all extremely important at the beginning of the project so we can see what issues we may run into. Whether it be conservation on a Grade II listed building or management rules over the type of flooring you are allowed to put in knowing these possible limitations at the beginning of the project helps all of us keep expectations in line with outcomes.


An idea of a budget is very useful at the beginning of the project. That way we can align it with what has been requested. This may change according to your scope of works and we are happy to be able to provide a rough quote for budget once we have laid out a basic brief and scope.

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