Enjoy A Sneak Peek: Stunning Bert and May Tiles

When you have a basement dig going on it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it can seem like work is going to go on forever. Even when the work has been perfect and the rest of the home doesn’t have a speck of dust in it it can still seem like a real bore to have work going on right outside your front door.




So when things start to really get is fun is when things start to take shape, bathrooms can be a big part of this and we are always super excited when we get to see Bert and May tiles going in on site. This is the second project recently we have worked on with Bert and May, the previous one was using one of their more simple designs. A gorgeous dusky grey tone in an entrance hall that needed something that looked like it hand a uniquely handmade feel and all the warmth that goes with that.


Stage 1


From the design you can see we are going for a modern elegant look that makes the most of the tall ceilings and every part of the design is going to pull together the old and new of the house.  We didn’t want the basement to feel like a world away, in fact we wanted to pull it in together with the rest of the house as much as is humanly possible.


The materials


With this design we are going in a completely different way with a patterned Bert and May tile, we are going to be going bold and bright! It’s going to be magical and it’s going to blow you away. Here is a little sneak peek of these magical tiles in place.


The room


You can check out the final photography of these tiles on our portfolio.

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