Quackers about Quookers: Spotlight on Quooker Taps

Instant hot water taps are great. They are well designed, water efficient, and you can easily fill your mug for a nice cup of tea without needing to fuss with a kettle. Although they may not be suitable in every project that we do, generally we highly recommend clients have them installed in their new kitchens. They are an excellent way to combine form and function.

We usually source our hot water taps directly from Quooker, who were the first company to offer a hot water tap. Now there are other competitive options available on the market, but when we are talking about the benefits of a hot water tap we are thinking about the tried and true Quooker tap.

Our Hampstead project – we installed a Quooker tap in their new kitchen


Kids and hot water: Are they safe?

We have had queries from a few of our clients on the suitability of having a hot water tap in a kitchen with children in the house. This is an important point, but something which has been considered in the design.Hot water taps are now fitted with child safety features including a ‘push and turn’ childproof handle. The spouts are designed so the outer casing does not heat up and are therefore not hot to touch like one would expect. The spout also purposefully projects the water in more of a spray, which means there is not a powerful stream of hot water coming straight for your hands. Hot water taps are fixed to the worktop far back from the edge. It cannot be moved, so it cannot be brought over the edge the way a kettle could. They’re also fixed further away from the reach of smaller people. Versions of the hot water tap an with extendable hose have a safety feature which means that no hot water will come out at all if the hose is extended.


But are they worth it? What are the benefits? 

Why do we advise clients to use an instant hot water dispenser as opposed to a kettle?  Although though are more expensive, in our opinion the benefits in terms of comfort and control outweigh the initial cost. A hot water tap means no more waiting for water to boil for your tea, pasta, vegetables. There is no more overfilling your kettle, so you’ll be saving water each time you use your tap. By getting rid of the (potentially unattractive!) kettle, you also get back some much needed space on your worktop. Our kitchens are full of appliances, and a worktop is where space is at a premium.Oh, and the majority of hot water taps will also filter your water first, so no need for a separate filter.


The new kitchen we installed in Hampton, which included a hot water tap


To see more of the the kitchen above, check out the project in our portfolio!


Featured image courtesy of Quooker UK’s Youtube Channel

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