How To Get Into Interior Design, A Few Thoughts

We often get asked how you can get into the interior design world. It’s an extremely competitive field and when that’s the case you need more than just passion to be able to make it through – it definitely helps though!

There are so many different ways into the industry which can make it extremely diverse. The one thing I would say is you are never going to have too much experience in a particular area so for example if you’re struggling to get into an interior design role you need to make yourself to indispensable in another way. You could learn everything so there is about fabrics by working in a fabric house, then everything that you need to know about tile by working for a tiling company, know everything about how to create kitchen is by working in a kitchen company.

All of this will continue to educate you towards being able to work as an interior designer exclusively never stop trying to find that next opportunity you never know where it might come from. We have had independent interior designers who have approached Kia after watching her speak on stage at an event, whether it be Decorex, 100% design or House and Garden, and have been able to do contract work for us from that meeting. Education is an extremely important part of the design world, our staff never stop educating themselves and continue to learn throughout their careers however it doesn’t need to be an interior design degree for somebody to look at your work and think that your work is good. A diploma is a good possibility if you are looking to transition from one degree, or indeed a whole different career field, to another. They can be very useful there are many schools in London such as KLC, for example, who provide short courses both in-person and online. The most important part is to continue to keep trying and never stop learning – if you think that you have got it nailed, you’re probably only halfway there. There is always so much more to learn.

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