Beautiful ‘ikandi’ dining table

One of my favourite feature pieces to search for are dining tables.  With the diminishing size of many inner city properties the traditional ‘dining table’ is becoming an item that many households are starting to live without as many people instead use a more multipurpose table to dine at.  The social aspect of eating is undoubtedly floundering and this fact is not lost on many of our clients who specify that they certainly require a designated dining area.  In my opinion, a dining table should be able to accommodate 10 people (even if it is a bit of a squeeze!) so that it can host a medium sized dinner party.

In my search for a dining table recently I found this beauty:

This table has the added advantage of the fact that it can be used within a number of different schemes and the combination of beech wood and cherry wood makes for an eye-turning contrast.  Although I am not a fan of all of ‘ikandi’s’ dining tables there are a number of unique designs that they offer and it will, as a result, be a place that I look in the future whilst searching for dining tables!

To view Ikandi’s dining table collection please click here!

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