On the search for…wreckable rugs

Yes you did read the title of this post correctly! We are looking for wreckable rugs because we are currently designing a teenage girls bedroom who apparently has a unique talent for wrecking almost anything that is put in her room…so today we are looking for rugs that are cheap enough that her parents may not want to disown her when she spills a drink and pretty enough that she will want to keep it looking gorgeous!

First up the splat rug from Plantation Rugs, the name really does say it all ~ you never know we might get lucky and the stains just add to the pattern and if not at only £150 it’s a great steal!

Maybe something a little more girly might appeal, I really like this round dotty rug [from £75 from Plantation Rugs]

Plantation-Rugs-Dotty-Pink (1)

Last but by no means least is this gorgeous nomadic rug, it might be a bit too busy for the rest of the house’s design but in a girls bedroom where the floor will most likely be “decorated” with clothes I think it could fit right in! [from £100 from Plantation Rugs]

I think that the round one ~yes Charlie for once I actually like the round rug! ~ might be the best one for the design and the colours are perfect – here’s hoping it will survive!

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