Spotlight on: Chuck Elliott

Art, some people ‘get it’ some don’t.  For our clients art is extremely personal, it can make or break a project.  Specifying items that pull together a design scheme can be extremely rewarding, we have even had artwork created specifically to pull together the colours of a room (you can read that here, Creating A Bespoke Piece Of Art For A Client)

When a series of number patterns are overlaid and multiplied, the geometry moves in more freeform ways, so there is a sense of discovering more naturalistic sequences, the kind that generate growth in the natural world.” – Chuck Elliott

In order to do justice to these ideas – and to produce effervescent images that ultimately speak to the heart as well as the brain – Chuck has developed a particular printing technique. This involves using Lambda prints (where photographic paper is exposed to laser light) presented in a Diasec mount (in which the print is sealed between an aluminium backing sheet and a Perspex face). The effect re-defines the term ‘pin sharp’.


There is no artist more committed to his craft than Chuck Elliott. He’s been refining his vision since he jettisoned his design career in 2004 to explore his own unique vision, allowing him to use the digital tools he’d employed in the commercial world in a far more experimental manner.

Today, Chuck is at the height of his powers, bursting with ideas, and constantly evolving his understanding of how to realise them. But ultimately, we hope you’ll agree, the images speak for themselves.



Sometimes we build a design scheme around a piece of art and these pieces would be glorious to build a design scheme around some of these stunning pieces from Chuck Elliott.

Mondial, 100cm Diameter

Lucid : RMX

Exhibition catalogue available now

Catto Gallery have published a new catalogue to coincide with the opening, with a foreword by Tim Green. If you’d like to receive a copy in the post, please email Imogen at the gallery, and she’ll send one out to you.
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Alternatively, you can view the catalogue online here.
Lucid / RMX exhibition catalogue online >

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