How We Have Used Farrow & Ball Railings

Railing helped create this gorgeous entrance

Farrow and Ball’s colours are always and inspiration, especially Railings.


This is a colour we continue to come back to year after year. It has a classic feel to it and complements so many tones. We have used it in everything from dark corridors, to bespoke furniture to the insides of drawer boxes. Every time we have used it the depth and warmth of the colour surprises clients.


Even smaller touches such as the radiators seen below in Railings can add a dramatic feel to a room. They have also worked to pull some of the darker tones over to the lighter area of the room. Creating balance within the design.



What Farrow and Ball Say About Railings

“More blue than black, Railings is a softer alternative to black which is particularly suited to the ironwork it takes its name from.The bluer undertones of this dark hue transform rooms into dramatic and enveloping interior spaces”

We are certainly opening it will create a dramatic feel, it has never disappointed thus far.

RAILINGS from Farrow & Ball on Vimeo.

Client Design

This year we have even opted for an entire kitchen in it. Embracing it’s moody vibe and pairing it with bright bold splashes of gold and blue. It is going to be divine and completely knock the socks off of our client. It has a clean feel and is designed to only be the focus of the room when it is in use. Once the lights go off it blends in to the background of the room and is almost forgotten. Fantastic when you are working in an open plan environment.

It will be perfectly complemented with a Silestone worktop that is almost in the exact same tone. Are you looking forward to seeing this design in place as much as we are?

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