I’m With The Brand

I Love it When a Brand Comes Together

Forbes defines a brand as “A specific combination of logo, words, type font, design, colours, personality, price, service, etc that convey a promise.”

Kia Designs has been forging a reputation for creativity, transparency and thoughtful design, with a little extra flare. We’ve recently extended our branding to better capture and convey our voice in the industry.

Most people have a visual memory; they remember things by what they look like. When we think about memories, people, or places, images usually come to mind. The same is true for a brand. The visual, tangible aspects of your brand give your audience images to remember it by and associate it with. Our brand imagery is distinctive and should cognitively link to the shiny images of lovely finished homes we display on our website (for potential or new customers) and should be entrenched with the memories of dealing with us for our previous clients. You want your brand to capitalise on your customers experiences right at the start and right at the end of a project. You want them to associate your imagery with the excitement associated with hiring a designer and transforming the space, and you also want it to define your last meeting with a client, usually when you hand over they keys and a nice finishing present to an ecstatic homeowner.

It can difficult to define a servile artistic business, especially something like Interior Design where you aren’t stamping your own look onto a property. Our fonts/wrapping/stickers represent us and may even clash with your actual design. You have to have a very clear message to stop a customer confusing the two.

Branding can also be very reassuring for customers if it is their first time using a designer. It seems a very small thing, but having your invoices go out on nice, letterhead paper just looks professional. Have samples delivered in a branded box makes you look very established. It also helps set you apart from your competition. If you look like a slick, put together operation with a clear message and image, clients are more likely to feel they ‘understand you’ and trust you over another designer. It can also position you to attract your target customer, by appealing to their sense of taste.


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