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8 Ways A Designer Will Make The Most Out Of Your Budget

Interior Designers are professionals, we are accredited by the BIID and are given various different levels of membership.  Kia Sunda is a member of the BIID this means that she has over six years worth of experience in not only creating design schemes but also taking projects through from start to completion.  As a designer it is our job to not only create a stunning design but to also make the most out of our clients budget by knowing where to invest both time and money. Here are 8 small ways in which we do that

keeping to a budget

We don’t get dazzled by the newest items

Yes, we are always looking for new and innovative items however we won’t just use them for the sake of it.  We will carefully consider your overall design needs before putting a product into your design.  If it’s not there it will be because there is an extremely good reason for it.  It is this expertise that you are ultimately paying for.

We know how to use items properly

And we know how to make sure the contractor has all the information they need to be able to install it quickly and easily. We have done this often hundreds of times and can avoid not only a lot of questions but also ‘advice’ from contractors when they are looking for the easiest route but not the best one for the design

How best to spend your budget

We try and not make mistakes so projects flow well

Problems happen, no one is going to say they don’t but we are in the perfect position to be able to fix them quickly as easily.

We have insider knowledge on what people are looking for in their homes

Worried that your designs are going to damage the property values? Our clients have often just bought a new home and so we are constantly hearing all the design ideas that they like and the items that they simply wish weren’t there.

We have hundreds of in the know people we can talk to

We don’t know it all, it often takes days of research to make sure something will work within a design and we have hundreds of professionals that we work with to be able to create these our designs.  Don’t expect the best designs to come from an idea that just popped in to your head, it is all about the preparation and we spend a lot of our time thinking through all the design ideas.  Putting your designer on the spot will not give you the best ideas please give them the time to be able to carefully consider whether it’s right for your design.

why budgets matter

Source: Cedia Flyer

We do this all day, every day, it’s our job to make sure we are using the best items

Some things we will have used hundreds of times before, some will be the first time. However, we will have confidence that we are making an informed decision about those items.

Once bitten twice shy, we can be realistic about expectations of our suppliers

Yes, you may be able to find it cheaper online and you may be able to get a discount from your brother-in-laws cousin however if it turns up with the wrong fixings would you know? Would you know how to answer the contractors questions? Or would you be wasting your valuable time and possibly delaying the project in order to save a few pounds.  Many of our clients who have decided to purchase the items themselves end up heavily delaying projects

where to spend your budget


As trade purchasers we receive discounts and we have spent many years cultivating our suppliers so we don’t just receive discounts but we receive a service level that we are happy with.  For us a well run project done within the budget can often be worth spending that little bit extra on as nothing is more expensive than a delayed project!

So there you are, 8 ways in which a designer will not only give you a gorgeous interior design but will also give you better value for money.

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