Challenges Faced As An Interior Designer In London

It’s been almost 10 years that I’ve been working as an Interior Designer in London and I still love it each and every day. I am terribly grateful to be able to wake up every morning and spend my day at a job that is my passion.  Especially as I pretty much  fell into the design world having worked in a luxury interiors store in Islington during my history degree.  The customers were amazing, the products fantastic but most of all I enjoyed solving challenges.  More and more clients would come in with a ‘problem space’ and for me that was exciting – thinking up new ways to create a room for them that solved all those problems.

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So it’s interesting to think that the challenge of working as an Interior Designer in London is not actually to do with design. I don’t spend my nights tossing and turning other whether to go with the emerald velvet or the teal cashmere! The challenge is how to be able to explain to clients what we do, in a way that leaves them informed and inspired to work with us.  We don’t try and dazzle you with ‘designer speak’ we try and keep things as simple as possible because as much as you want a beautiful home you aren’t looking for an interior design course.  You’re looking for a design team that will take your project through from start to completion, who has contractors they trust and a team that they inspire to be able to create a design that perfectly fulfils your brief.

We don’t want clients to feel they have to micro-manage the process, most of our clients are used to delegating and getting the job done.  That is why we are constantly updating not only our design knowledge but also our system knowledge.  Our design team is proud to be organised and capable of taking on projects from 3 rooms to 50 rooms with the same amount of flair and time management.  Our system through project management tool Basecamp allows our clients to watch the process without the overwhelm of feeling that they have to have all the knowledge or understand the process. Our daily wunderlists allow us to run everything from work schedules to snagging lists with ease and accountability. Our estimating software allows us up to the date information on where products are and who is dealing with them.

We continually try to adjust our systems so that we are as efficient, and paper free, as possible.  This allows us to get our hands on the information from anywhere in the world and share it with contractors at the drop of a hat.  Having worked in the luxury sector for over a decade it has become an integral part of my life, I don’t settle for mediocre in any part of my life and organisation is a huge part of that.  It allows us to create personalised homes for our clients all under the supervision of our head designer.

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