How To Run A Snagging List Like A Pro With Wunderlist

Here at Kia Designs we are very technology savvy. I am a lover of new gadgets and new ways to make everyones life a little easier and less stressful, especially for my team when it comes to the more painful areas of a project.  No area can quite compare to snagging, it is the small details that make the end of a project either a joy or a nightmare. That’s why we have put together this ridiculously easy way to Run A Snagging List Like A Pro With Wunderlist. So what is ‘snagging’?  It’s the list of things at the end of a project that aren’t quite up to scratch or that, through human error, have been missed off the original specifications. Accountability is a big part of a snagging, who’s going to rectify any mistakes, when and is it going to be an extra cost.  A lot of this will come down to how detailed your tender documents and contract with your builder are, so they need to be reviewed when looking at snagging.


Running your final snagging list is so important to actually finishing your project with the finished result that you really wanted and that’s why using an interactive tool such as wunderlist is perfect for this job!

Run A Snagging List Like A Pro With Wunderlist

Wunderlist allows you to create single and joint lists and makes tracking whether items are completely a complete breeze – no endless email chains and no “oh I missed that” moments because it provides accountability by all members on the list. Those lovely little pictures on the right hand side show who each task is assigned to.  Wunderlist is described as “Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done. Whether you’re planning a holiday, sharing a shopping list with a partner or managing multiple work projects, Wunderlist is here to help you tick off all your personal and professional to-dos.” For the purpose of this task it is simply heaven.

Run A Snagging List Like A Pro With Wunderlist

Not only can you provide accountability within the app but each task can be broken down further with due dates, reminders, notes, subtasks and even images and PDFs so that your contractors are given all the information that they need.  They can even invite their team in to the list and assign the tasks directly to their team.

So there you have it, a stress-free way to make sure that the end of your project is as beautiful as the design.  Let us know if you were able to Run A Snagging List Like A Pro With Wunderlist in the comments below

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