Onyx in Interior Design

With the Knightsbridge project almost finished, we want to talk about the most interesting parts of it; the ones that took our breathes away, and turned this site into another beautiful home.  In particular the stunning Onyx piece we have introduced in the bathroom.
Onice Velluto slab 36 
Onyx is a form of quartz stone and comes in various colours, from whites and yellows up to reds and orange. It has been used in interiors for several years now, as it can create beautiful and dramatical effects when placed on the wall or as a sink top. Every piece of onyx is different and its patterns vary from slab to slab, so if you want to make a statement in your bathroom or living room, go for onyx.

With that in mind, we decided to set it as a form of bathroom seating, in the shower cabin. With light set behind it, it becomes partly translucent and will look stunning and create perfect ambient lighting for this small space. Its unique pattern looks perfect also, when the lights are off, creating a stunning focal point in the interior.
We were offered a variety of pieces to choose from. Looking at the pictures of massive stone slabs in orange, yellow and grey, we decided to pick the most interesting one, and the most diverse portion of it – with the pattern covering most of its surface. We can’t wait to see it installed!
What is worth noting, is that onyx stone is not a suitable material for every space. Its porous nature means it doesn’t respond well to acids, so it is very difficult to use as kitchen counter tops or any furniture in contact with food. Juices from tomatoes or lemons can create damages and stains, impossible to be removed afterwards.
When ordering a piece like that, it is worth to take at least three vertical and horizontal measurements, to be sure that the piece will actually fit the given space. The manufacture will make it slightly longer and wider, so it can be fitted perfectly on site, however it’s better to avoid surprises!
Onyx  creates strong focal point in the space, so it work best for simpler interiors. However, as wall panel in the living room, or a bespoke vanity unit, it can create a unique design style for you home.

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