Stunning Redecoration For A Small Apartment

When you’re working in central London apartments there is one thing that can often be a challenge – space. Even the largest apartments need special space considerations to make sure that space is used as well as possible. The function is definitely always a priority when we are looking at projects, the beauty of the design is that it should hide the most functional elements or make it so seamless that you barely even notice the engineering that has gone into designing it. It should be chic and effortless.

Welcome home

When you are working with a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in just over 800 square foot that functionality becomes even more important. From the moment you enter this property, it is designed to make things simple but without taking away from the sleek Scandinavian look that the clients were wanting. It can be so tempting to build in furniture, to block space off however because we used items that in their design are interesting we didn’t need to go down the bespoke route.

The shelves for post and keys are built to be a part of the picture wall. So that they add another element to it rather than distract from it. The mirror is also a shelf that means that essentials can be just on your way out and the coat hooks look great even when not in use.

The living area is open plan and a uniquely shaped space so we had to be particularly aware of how it would all come together and also how it would flow into the winter garden – a feature that we are seeing become more prevalent in new builds. The TV unit was built specially, a challenge with new builds can often be two-fold when you want a sleek look like this. Firstly, the walls are often not strong enough to hold the size of TV that most people want and secondly, the building regulations for plug socket positioning can mean that they are too high and stick out above low-level furniture – not exactly the look clients want! So this back panel was specially designed to sit on the support batten in the wall so it was strong enough to hold the TV and also hide all the wonderful cables within it.


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