Basecamp and The Art of Project Management

All our projects are run through a web-based interior design project-management tool called Basecamp. This is our one-stop-shop for everything to do with your interior design project. It makes a quick and easy reference tool for all parties who are involved in any part of the design or construction of your beautiful home.

The main menu is broken down into the following parts

1) Latest Project Updates

Here you see a brief overview of the most recent activity within the project, with the author and time clearly labelled and a link to the specific post. This, combined with the ‘Events’ tab will keep you fully up to date with how the design is progressing. The Events tab can be accessed via the right-hand-side button.Upcoming events and important dates are also noted here. Clients, contractors, suppliers can all see the schedule and add to the list at any time. It’s your own personal calendar and all dates pertaining to the project will be there, including when you, or your designer may be out of the country. This can be handily synced to a Google or iCalendar.

2) Discussions

Where we get into the nitty gritty on every part of the design. When you first sign up to Basecamp you will see that there are pre-designed discussions for each part of the house. The first thing you’ll want to do is drop in your inspiration for your new home into the appropriate room. Got a Pinterest board for your master bedroom? Pop a link into the discussion and hit ‘send’. It’s that easy!

3) To-dos

These can be made by any member of the team and then assigned to any member. Need an update on the new height of the worktop to send to the kitchen supplier by the end of the day? Make a to-do and task it to the builder on site with a clear deadline. They’ll also get an email reminder.

4) Files

Every single file, image, pdf, spreadsheet etc will be held here. You can browse through them, discuss and label them (several times!) and can easily access them at any point in the project.

5)Text documents

Information that needs to be easily accessed is stored here. We’ll have all the phone numbers of people you might want to contact, on and off site, and all the technical specifications associated with the design. We’ll also have copies of your contract, notes from all our meetings and copies of legal or insurance documentation associate with your project.


Basecamp’s search feature means you can search the entire project quickly and easily (no trawling through 2000 emails – we’ve all been there!). The discussion feature can operate through your email, it’s quick, easy and can get through 95% of business firewalls.

If you’d like to be updated in real time, you can subscribe to the RSS fee via the link at the bottom of the page. Basecamp has everything you need to keep you fully informed and up-to-date with your project, whilst breaking it down into manageable and digestible portions. We wouldn’t live without it!

You can find out more about Basecamp for yourself here

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