How we charge for Interior Design

It may well be easier to find a list of currently operating MI6 field operatives than it is to find out precisely how various Interior Design companies charge potential clients.  At Kia Designs we have found through experience that complete financial transparency is the only way in which a client will feel fully comfortable with their relationship with their Interior Designer.

At Kia Designs we charge £1,400 per room (all of our prices include VAT) for the Design which will include samples/specifications of each product as well as a lay out which serves to explicitly illustrate how the individual pieces will work in conjunction.  In order to ensure that you receive the best possible Design for the living space in question we draw upon our considerable experience and our vast range of stockists and suppliers.

It is important to note, however, that there is only so impressive that a collection of samples/drawings/photos/floor-plans will look: what you are really paying for when you employ an Interior Designer is a finished living space that is practical and stunning in equal measure.  As a result, it is vital that you have confidence in your Designer’s vision and that when the Design comes to life it will more than fulfil your expectations in an innovative and daring way.

In order for a project to move from a concept to a reality it is, of course, necessary to order the items in question.  Kia Designs usually orders all items with a 20% buying fee.

If you choose to have Kia Designs to order your items, and therefore pay the 20% buying fee, you will be provided with three sizeable advantages:

1)     Your Interior Designer will arrange the purchase (upon payment for the goods) of your items and will arrange their delivery

2)     Your Interior Designer will pass on ALL trade discounts (some companies offer up to 60% off the retail price to interior designers)

3)     It is also possible that, as a result of our contacts, we can get items more quickly and negotiate on your behalf if an item arrives in a less than satisfactory condition (although we cannot guarantee that a company will necessarily comply with our demands)

Of course, if a client chooses to purchase items autonomously they are also free to do that and will receive all the necessary information that will enable them to do so.

Therefore, Kia Designs charges a flat Design fee and a 20% buying fee – there are no charges for travel or additional meetings so the amount that you will be charged will be very clear to your from the outset!

Trust and confidence from our client allows us to create gorgeous designs such as this!

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  • Sarah December 29, 2011  

    I think this is a fabulous post, transparency in our industry is vital, the economic climate means that clients are very savvy and more than well enough equipped to do thorough research that will get them the best possible value for money. Interior designers who are afraid of 'exposing' the discounts that we are able to obtain are actually only afraid of exposing the amount of mark ups (hidden profit) they make, which make clients feel taken advantage of. Transparency can only serve to make our industry stronger and better. Well done.

    • Kia Sunda December 29, 2011  

      Thank you so much for your approval Sarah! I too feel it is extremely important to be truly transparent on pricing with our clients

      Kia x