Why Hire An Interior Designer?

This is perhaps the most important question that any client must ask themselves before hiring an Interior Designer.  Seeing as we only take on a small amount of jobs at any one time we always strive to ensure that we are working with clients who understand our service and who can, therefore, get the most out of it.  The number one thing that we can help you achieve is a beautiful living space that reflects the needs of our clients – our Designs get us constant attention from press both in the UK and internationally.  We have also won/been nominated for Design awards and have a long line of repeat customers so we have been successful on every front with regard to creating beautiful living areas. Below is one of our designs that was a Finalist for ‘Living Space Design of the Year 2011’

Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 1

However, behind such beautiful Designs is a lot of planning and co-ordination which can be both stressful and time consuming (and for a person not well versed in dealing with suppliers it is doubly so).  We take the away the vast majority of such pains for our clients by sorting out the logistics and transmitting to them the relevant information – rather than an overload of phone calls and emails!

Having spoken with hundreds of clients over the years it is also remarkable how much money and time people waste on buying an item that is quickly discovered to be unsuitable for its intended purpose – by getting an Interior Designer you are guaranteed to not make such errors.  People also complain that they have bought things for a room slowly and that nothing really works in conjunction – as wonderful as an individual item may be, if it does not work within a scheme its beauty soon diminishes.  At Kia Designs we look at the Design from an overarching perspective to ensure that the pieces tie-in with each other.

As aforementioned – Interior Design is, in our mind, about creating a beautiful living area for our clients whilst sparing them much of the stress associated with renovation.  Our vast knowledge of items and suppliers allow us to select products from a variety of locations which  comes together to create a space that is both unique to visitors and familiar to the the client in question!

Want more reasons why to hire an interior designer? We went into more detail in a follow up blog post here.

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