Brazilian home with Thai features

I was first drawn to this home as I believed it to be Thai on 1st glance – the surrounding garden in-particular gave me that impression, as did the quaint, almost spiritual natural light:

The home is, in fact, in Brazil, and is interesting insofar as it is smaller than many of the houses that we document.  I once heard Jack White say that creativity flourishes within small spaces/small windows of time – after all, with unlimited time/space, anyone can be creative.  This home would not have been built on a huge plot but, for me, has a positive vibe that few homes achieve.  The garden area is defined by a gorgeous and well defined path and I love how the shrubbery lines the house:

The rustic way in which the walls are finished is no doubt risky but, up against all of the other clean lines, it adds an invaluable contrast that gives the home a real character:

Sometimes it is the really small things that make a ‘house’ a ‘home’ – for some reason this picture gave me the distinct impression that this was the latter:

Yes, one could argue that there is an overly ordered element to this design but I really like the vibe it gives off: unpretentious and homely within 4 very funky walls!

Credit: Freshome

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