Architecture in a limited space

Most of the time on this blog we look at huge properties which are not slaves (to the same degree) to planning permission and complaints in the way that inner city properties are.  This property in London would have been, from numerous personal experiences, a nightmare to plan, build and complete but all the stress was clearly worth it:

The architect in this case has completely altered the entire feel of the property and created a warmth and atmosphere that one would not normally associate with a home of this type.  It also occurred to me that this architect did not allow the cramped nature of city living hinder his/her creativity.  In this blog we often see stunning water features and, although a limited space ensures that any water feature would need to be smaller, there is no excuse for not having one as part of an inner city property:

This project should inspire others within the city to give their architect more of a creative license and create a daring and stunning home within the city


Credit: Freshome

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