California Sea House

Sometimes a house just has a positive energy about it and that is the precise impression that I got upon viewing this sea-front home in California:

It is funny how you sometimes notice the small things – in this case I love how there is a drop at the edge of the porch – it gives the entire property an elevated and isolated feel.  Also, as far as views go, it doesn’t get much better than this:

Some people might wish for a more elevated view of the sea but the feeling of having the water in one’s living room, in my opinion, can’t be topped.  My only compliant here would be that it seems a shame that the sofa hides some of the view and I do wonder whether alternative seating arrangements were contemplated.  I have no such complaints with regard to the dining room: it is a stunning example of a designer allowing the natural beauty of a house (in this case the view) speak for itself:

I love this house, the view/location is breathtaking and it has an ineffable positive energy which is a credit to the architect.

Credit: Freshome

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One comment

  • Ricardo Sidwell September 20, 2012  

    This is a very gorgeous house. From the exterior to the insides, it looks perfect and really cozy. With glass walls, it seems like one could save an annual residential painting in Perth.