Caribbean residence with subtle hints of the Far East!

When a person is building a home in a stunning part of the world (like the Caribbean) it is often the job of the architect to simply design a home that caters to the stunning natural surroundings.  Given the weather in the Caribbean it is obvious that a generous sized pool area is a priority:

I am impressed with the stone that has been chosen for the poolside area: their light nature gives the entire poolside area an airiness which very much reflects the surroundings.  One aspect of this design which really caught my eye was the fact the architect has provided the property with 2 pool areas; this is very useful in the case of bringing children on holiday as it allows them to indulge in horseplay whilst you relax in the sun!

Overall, the grandness of this property is a result of the manner in which the architect has created various contained areas.  All of the independent balconies indicate that any guests will have a portion of autonomy; such foresight makes the residence an appealing arena to which invite guests:

Obviously the setting of this property is magnificent but it is clear that the architect has thought long and hard about how to make the property as relaxing and practical as possible, the view isn’t too bad either!


Credit: Freshome


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  • tracyann July 12, 2012  

    What a lovely Caribbean place to stay with and I think that the people who stays in the place will say that they are in a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing the residency.
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