Sustainable home is Costa Rica

Sometimes the positioning of a home makes it very difficult for it not to be spectacular: this home in Costa Rica certainly fits that particular bill:

I particularly like how the architect has provided an enormous decking area from which one can view the incredible surroundings; I am also very impressed by the water feature (as always, understated water features add such a subtle atmospheric edge to a property) and by the decking which is clean and contemporary and contrasts well with some of the properties more rustic elements, like these tiles:

It is touches like this which give a property an edge over ones of a similar specification.  For some reason the design of this home reminds me somewhat of a modern cricket pavillion, but instead of looking onto a village green it overlooks the rugged landscape of Costa Rica:

I also very much like how clearly defined the edges of the property are – it gives the home a very crisp finish and creates a nice contrast from the more untamed surroundings.  Overall I love what the architect has done here: this home has a unique look and makes the most of its stunning backdrop.

Credit: Freshome

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