My Interior Design Tool Box

There are several items that I am unable to do my job without, that I literally depend on day-in-day-out.  If I lose them, break them, they go down or I can’t get on to them I am distraught, so distraught that not even a Caramel Macchiato can calm me down. So the tool box essentials are:

Laser measure

This is one of my newest purchases and it is literally a life saver, I have wanted one forever and I am not 100% sure why it has taken me so long to get one.  It saves me time when measuring up.  It is also fantastic for some of those more awkward measurements, when a room is full of furniture or when you need a special angle.  This literally saves my bacon, I don’t know how I would measure without it.


I am sure that I will get a snarky comment that I just need a smart phone and an android would be just as good but I love my iPhone.   I often take a few hundred photos when going round a new project.  This will be basic rooms shots to details shots of everything from plug sockets to cornicing to banister handles. It gives me a wonderful reference point and is fantastic when showing the clients how much everything has changed when the project is finished.


This is the project management tool we use to be able to keep all conversations between builders, clients and everyone who is involved in the project.  This way files can be centrally stored, discussions had be had quickly and easily, events and deliveries can be scheduled, to-dos can be issued


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