New Project – New Challenge

The scope of this project is to turn the new built 3 bedroom flat into modern and warm looking home. Although, each of the rooms have to have a separate function, overall the flat has to have an open layout and light, airy feeling. The question is, how to address those needs in the new built design scheme?

Having lived all over the world, our clients are used to having spacious and large apartments, London surprised them with a bit different apartment layouts.  They want the design to achieve a spacious-looking interior, that would feel open and light. With three bedrooms to be designed, clients wanted to transform one of them into office and working area (since they work from home two days a week), one of them in to a guest bedroom and the third to be their master suite.


The study is a perfect space to put additional storage for spare bedding or seasonal clothes. Also, if there is space for work to be easily put away, the room may be transformed into additional bedroom, creating a relaxing atmosphere for anyone using the room when it’s not a study. However, our priority in this space is minimalistic and modern desk, with a well designed chair. The other room would be a more traditional guest bedroom, that would create comfortable feel, allowing guests to own a bit of personal space.

Kitchen is one of the main areas of interest for the clients, since they cook and welcome guest often, they dream of kitchen island and a large table, so they can continue to organise dinner parties and entertain both friends and family.

The colour scheme includes mixture of sandy inspirations with pops of colours. Walnut flooring and white walls will be complemented with neutral, clean line textiles with pops of accent colours to bring warmth to the flat and produce a vibrancy that brings each room to life.


Can’t wait to see how this flat will soon turn into beautiful home!



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