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Storage Solutions

There are certain challenges the Interior Design in London brings you.  Even in the most luxurious of houses space is usually an issue which means that storage is also an issue.  Most of our projects tend to be in London so we get very good at building in storage that is both pretty and functional


This looks like your typical cloakroom however, those cupboards underneath the sink are actually housing a washing machine and dryer.  We designed the room so that all the doors can also come off easily so that both the washing machine and tumble dryer can easily pull out (avoiding the toilet nicely) for ease of maintenance.  The sink was also specially thought about, we wanted something that didn’t look too small on the vast work top so we picked a sink design that was low line but very wide so that the proportions worked perfectly.  We used the same measurements for the mirror above the sink and used wall lights so give the room beautiful light.  The cupboard above the toilet holds all the usual items you would need in both a cloakroom as well as everything needed for the laundry but is all nicely hidden away.

DSC_0018-cropped (2)

This project we often have many comments on.  The platform was extended to be able to house the kingsize bed, however rather than waste the space underneath the platform we designed a large (and very deep) chest of draws to help house all the clients clothes.  The bottom drawers are extra deep for thick winter wear and extra bedding.  We also have cleverly hidden panels behind the bed that open and allow even more storage.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 6

Making sure that every space is used is extremely important.  This under stairs area could have easily just been a plain wall, however this custom built bookcase means that this area can be used as a reading area.

Do you often look around and wonder if your home could have better storage?  Are you buying a new property and are wondering if you are going to be able to fit all your ‘stuff’ in?  Please feel free to contact us regarding your project

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