Mid-Century Penthouse, N7

- Redesign - / Holloway


Living Space: 900 ft²
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2

Brief and Scope:

To decorate and refurbish a newly purchased, listed 2 bedroom flat in a converted Post Office building, the landmark Beaux Arts building in Holloway. The design will incorporate the client’s taste for mid-century modern design, infused with loft-style industrial touches to keep the look modern and emphasise the beautiful height and airy feel of the property.

The designs will focus on carefully selected furniture to create an organic, rather than curated feel throughout the flat, with soft lines and interjections of colour from furs and fabrics to soften the harder lines of the industrial pieces of design.
The outside space will be brought in, with the use of plants and foliage, whilst living will be extended to the outside terraces by creating an space that is welcoming and user friendly, ideal for larger gatherings and summer evenings.