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Kia is an award winning interior designer based out of London, England. Her studio takes on projects from around the world.

Why Handles Are Sexy

Yes, you read that title correctly.  We are talking sexy handles today.  In my years of being an Interior Designer in London I have had many things described to me as sexy.  People have wanted a sexy bathroom, an entrance hall that is simply “the sex” and today I am bringing you some of the sexiest handles that could lead you in to these rooms.  They are from the amazing Philip Watts Design and they are extremely sexy.

First up, these wings.  Let is be known, I have a thing for wings and feathers.  I adore them.  I haven’t tended to use them too much in interiors (we want sexy not tacky boudoir). Eaglewing has a wing span of 1 metre and is also available in brass and bronze, divine. (£667.50)

Flames!  These handles have a very obvious nod to Harley Davidson and are super sexy.  They are push/pull handles and I adore the combination of the snake skin with the flames.  (£262.50)


Guns, they are a little bit Bond and of course have a certain power element to them.  They do both a larger and a smaller version (the larger has elongated the barrel), I personally prefer these in the smaller version. (£352.50)


So there you have it, sexy handles.


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Entrance Flooring Ideas

First impressions are always extremely important, not just for people but also for houses. The entrance to your home sets the tone for the rest of the design. It is also the initial landing pad for an often very busy life style so it needs to be not only beautiful but hardwearing and functional.

For this reason we decided to change the entrance hall in this property in Bishops Park from carpet to a much more hard wearing tiled surface.

2014-02-19 12.59.02

We looked at quite a few different options.  The clients wanted us to make a real ‘wow’ impression for when they welcomed guests in to their home.  First thoughts were to go with a mosaic marble; the marble would be extremely hardwearing and a honeycomb pattern like the one below would look beautiful.  However, mosaic means that there is a lot of grout lines and grout can get very dirty, very quickly in a high traffic area like this.

2014-03-06 12.10.28-1

We decided that a slightly larger format patterned tile would work best.  It would remove the problem of grout lines (make them much less of a problem) and the pattern would provide added interest.  None of these patterns took the clients liking however as they all seemed a little too modern for the house.

2014-03-06 12.14.19-2

We came across this one however and it seemed perfect, the pattern was pretty, not too heavy and would work wonderfully with the grey and blue design scheme in the dining room (these tiles would be viewable from this room).

2014-03-14 12.38.50


Seeing it all down for the first time is always something special, as you may notice we decided to go with a dark grey grout (that picks up the dark grey parts of the pattern) rather than a white grout which would become easily dirty in this area.

2014-05-13 11.45.15

Let us know what you think of this entrance flooring idea.  Do you have entrance flooring ideas of your own that you think we should have considered?  Please feel free to comment below.

Interior Designer in Bishops Park

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Interior Designer Canterbury

Exciting news in from Kia Designs, we are now taking on projects in Canterbury.  We will be bringing our unique style to the houses of Kent from this month.  In and around Canterbury you can arrange for a free first consultation to go through your project requirements and how our service will be able to work for you.

How does Kia Designs service work?

We like to be a little bit different, we state our prices and charges here on the website so you can see exactly how much you will be paying. No extra charges, this means that we can all sit back and relax from the beginning of the project knowing that we are not going to be going over budget due to our design fees! They are all done and dusted right at the beginning of the project.

Over the 5 years since we launched Kia Designs our clients have been impressed not only with our incredible designs, but also with our transparency


  • Understanding our clients needs
    We take the time to understand exactly what you need from your home
  • Taking on projects that are right for us
    We only take on a maximum of 6 projects at any one time so that clients always receive the amount of time their project needs
  • Being Passionate about Design
    We are obsessed with interior design, you can check out our twitter and our pinterest for a little bit of inspiration of things that we adore
  • Knowledgable about property
    Having worked on property for many years we have an intimate knowledge of what adds value and what people are looking for in a quality design
  • Clear and Realistic
    We are always realistic about what your budget is going to be able to achieve and set a clear plan that is going to make the most of it


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Ochre Arctic Pear

Ochre Arctic Pear is one of my favourite lights from Ochre’s collection.  It is one of the most versatile collections available in five different sizes of round, up to a glorious 120cm, as well as both a single and double wave.  I am also extremely excited to hear that they are soon to be doing an oval version which I think will be a big seller as it offers a lot of versatility.  I hope to be using this in many upcoming projects.


A bit about Ochre “British designers Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald, who shared an aesthetic for the beauty of the understated, founded OCHRE in 1996. Solenne de la Fouchardière became the third partner and fellow designer four years later. Along with selling directly to individuals, OCHRE’s clients are leading international interior designers and architects. OCHRE has worked on many custom projects for private residences, boutique hotels and restaurants throughout the world.”

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Be Amazed By The Abigail Ahern Collection

Having previously worked on Upper Street in Islington, I have long been a fan of Abigail‘s work.  She uses colour wonderfully and isn’t afraid to add in a bit of fun to her designs.  I adore these stools, they will work perfectly in both bedrooms and lounge areas, I can’t wait to receive my fabric samples for a client I am currently working on.

Her new collection for is simply put – fantastic.  All the items are stylish, perfectly proportioned and exude a sleek style that will look wonderful in some of my upcoming designs.  I love the sense of fun that is often present when designing with some of Abigail’s products, these lamps below have long been a fave of mine. (You can buy them on her beautifully designed website)


The Abigail sofa, Stanley chair and Maud & Celeste footstools are now live on the website and in their Chelsea showroom.  Read more about Abigail Ahern’s exclusive furniture collection for on her blog.


It’s also always so wonderful to see companies such as branching out to designers in the industry, this will be their first designer collection and I for one really hope it isn’t their last. It adds a different dimension to both their product range and to their brand.  I hope that this collection is a huge success. | NEW: Abigail Ahern exclusively for

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Notting Hill Interior Design

Kitchen Design

The main problem with this Notting Hill Interior Design was when it was purchased was the separate kitchen and living areas accessed by two separate doors that came off the main entrance hall.  Although both rooms were reasonably sized the client couldn’t see herself always being in the other room cooking when having a dinner party or hosting, especially as the kitchen was the darker of both spaces only having one window.  As we know people always tend to congregate in the kitchen (maybe because that way they get the first dibs on anything coming out of the kitchen!) and the client had always dreamed of having a kitchen with an island unit to be able to have a large area for a buffet during social gatherings.

Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 2

So in our first meeting it was decided it would be best to open up the space between the kitchen and living area.  This offered us a few benefits

  • The dark kitchen now benefitted from the light that washed the living area
  • We were able to put in an island unit that the client had always wanted
  • Double doors as the entrance in to the room – instant wow factor

Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 1

So now that we had decided to open up the kitchen area in to the rest of the flat we were faced with a few more problems, we needed to create a kitchen that didn’t look like a traditional kitchen (it was going to need the wow factor that the rest of the living space was going to have) and we needed to create a large amount of storage so that it was was to keep the open plan space nice and neat.

Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 3

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Interior Designers Islington

I lived in Islington for most of my adult life, it will always have a special place in my heart as will the houses that you find there.  I first started designing in Islington and the townhouses there were some of the first projects I ever took on.  Understanding how best to use space is always extremely important.

We like to be a little bit different, we state our prices and charges here on the website so you can see exactly how much you will be paying. No extra charges, this means that we can all sit back and relax from the beginning of the project knowing that we are not going to be going over budget due to our design fees! They are all done and dusted right at the beginning of the project.

We like to be a little bit different, we state our prices and charges here on the website so you can see exactly how much you will be paying. No extra charges, this means that we can all sit back and relax from the beginning of the project knowing that we are not going to be going over budget due to our design fees! They are all done and dusted right at the beginning of the project.

The 5 steps That Get You To The Home That Is Perfectly Suited To You

We guarantee to bring that “I never would have thought of that” design to each and every part of the design possible

  1. First consultation – a nice informal meet and greet at your property to put a face to a name. Easily arranged for weekends or evenings at a time that is suitable for you
  2. Let’s get started – let’s get the boring part out of the way of signing the contract and paying the fees so we can go ahead with your project.  We sit down with samples, magazines, any and all inspiration that you will have gathered on your travels.  We brainstorm how you want your home to feel, how you need your home to function and what is most important to invest in
  3. Getting to work – at this point its all about you sitting back and relaxing while we do our job, you’ve inspired us, we now need to produce the results.  I won’t bore you with the details (but if you are interested you can read more about the whole process here…).  This process usually takes between 2 and 5 weeks depending on the size of your project
  4. The big proposal – It’s that time, the time to take it all in…from door handles to lighting fixtures we will have brought together every item to create a home that perfectly reflects you
  5. The tweaking – inevitably there will be a few things that are quite to your liking – a cushion here a wood samples there. We revise what needs to be changed, without pulling apart the whole design, and then we are good to move on
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Interior Design in London

Storage Solutions

There are certain challenges the Interior Design in London brings you.  Even in the most luxurious of houses space is usually an issue which means that storage is also an issue.  Most of our projects tend to be in London so we get very good at building in storage that is both pretty and functional


This looks like your typical cloakroom however, those cupboards underneath the sink are actually housing a washing machine and dryer.  We designed the room so that all the doors can also come off easily so that both the washing machine and tumble dryer can easily pull out (avoiding the toilet nicely) for ease of maintenance.  The sink was also specially thought about, we wanted something that didn’t look too small on the vast work top so we picked a sink design that was low line but very wide so that the proportions worked perfectly.  We used the same measurements for the mirror above the sink and used wall lights so give the room beautiful light.  The cupboard above the toilet holds all the usual items you would need in both a cloakroom as well as everything needed for the laundry but is all nicely hidden away.

DSC_0018-cropped (2)

This project we often have many comments on.  The platform was extended to be able to house the kingsize bed, however rather than waste the space underneath the platform we designed a large (and very deep) chest of draws to help house all the clients clothes.  The bottom drawers are extra deep for thick winter wear and extra bedding.  We also have cleverly hidden panels behind the bed that open and allow even more storage.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 6

Making sure that every space is used is extremely important.  This under stairs area could have easily just been a plain wall, however this custom built bookcase means that this area can be used as a reading area.

Do you often look around and wonder if your home could have better storage?  Are you buying a new property and are wondering if you are going to be able to fit all your ‘stuff’ in?  Please feel free to contact us regarding your project

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Contemporary Bishops Park Interior Design

Part of our service is interpreting a clients wants and needs in to actual products and an overall design.  It’s one of the most fun parts of my job because it’s a bit of a puzzle.  These clients wanted an interior design that was similar to their previous home (they loved the colours and the light) however they were now moving in to a very different kind of property.

We didn’t have double height ceilings with floor to ceiling windows, we have a bay window at one end of the room and a conservatory at the other – which means that we need to design the room to give the feeling of a light and airy space without using as much space.  As I said, it’s a puzzle.

We picked products that had similar textures to the ones in the previous living area (that you can see above)  but everything had to be scaled down so that the portion was still good.  these were some of the initial thoughts we had of products that might be good for the overall design

You may be able to spot some of them in the finished design below.  We still wanted to keep the blues, slight coppers but decided to go with a lot more grey – doing the walls grey instead of white to give the rooms more warmth.

The clients were very happy with how we interpreted the same design in to two very different spaces.  If you have a project you would like us to work o with you please don’t hesitate to contact us

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Shower Room Interior Design

Shower room interior design seems like it would be relatively simple, however often the best bathroom and shower rooms aren’t found in residential interior design they are in fact found in hotels.  That is why my phone is often full of images of bathrooms from when I have been travelling.

Some of them give me new ideas that  I use in future designs, most of them however just reinforce a well known fact. To have a clean and tidy bathroom you need one thing – storage.

Hotel bathrooms don’t tend to have storage, they are cleaned and tidied for you daily and they don’t want you putting your items away, it increases the chance of you leaving things behind.  However in your own home we have a lot of products, a lot of products, as well as all those lovely things that get replenished magically by room service, such as towels and toilet paper.

In order to get the clean and spacious look of a hotel bathroom in a residential interior design we then need to add in storage in a way that means that is both adds to the design and it also mostly hidden from view.


How we do this is to build the storage in to the walls.  As you can see here there is a large box that has been carved out of the wall on the left.  This will provide the storage space in our shower room interior design.


2012-12-10 09.58.27


As you can see once the tiles go in things start to really take shape and look very different, already our box on the left hand wall seems to almost blend in to the background as our eyes are drawn to the bright pink mosaic and the large format tiles.



As you can see the finished design gives a lot of storage, the mirror above the sink opens to provide hidden storage as well as a shaver socket plug to charge both a toothbrush and an electric razor.  The open storage on the left hand side allows easy access to products as well as the perfect place to display some beautiful items.

Have a project you would like to work on with us?  You can contact us on 07912138822

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Elegant Interior Design

Elegance is often overlooked but in Interior Design is is one of the most powerful feelings.  You walk in to a room and you feel even more elegant just standing in it, the colours, the textures and even the sound your feet make on the flooring give you a feeling of elegance.  There is one aspect of elegance that is also extremely important – lighting.

I adore the beautiful shapes and different textures that Porta Romana continue to use throughout their designs.  They are exactly what an elegant interior design would need, most of the lights shown here are more of a piece of art work than a simple piece of lighting.

This collection by Porta Romana once again exudes elegance, this time though it is the elegance of decay.  Such beautiful pieces, which is your favourite?

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Interior Design Earls Court

Ballroom Brilliance

This project was probably one of my favourite to work on due to autonomy we were given with the design, the client gave a clear brief and allowed us creative freedom within that to create the perfect design for him.

The apartment would have previously been the main ballroom of the house and was a grand space within a converted mansion house

We looked to reinstate some of the grandness in to this house whilst still keeping it clean and modern.

The apartment layout featured a split-level design that covered a third of the space, downstairs had guest bedroom, guest shower room and kitchen whilst upstairs had the main bathroom and master bedroom.  We redesigned the space to that downstairs the kitchen was open plan in to the living area and we also snuck in a small gym room which was great for the clients busy lifestyle.  Upstairs we redesigned the space to include a walk-in wardrobe and changed what was previously just a bathroom in to a bath and shower room that had a much more spacious and luxurious feel.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 5

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 9

We needed to create the perfect entertaining space, something that would be elegant and relaxed.  With a 5m ceiling height in the main room our features needed to be eye catching and large, it was unlikely that our designs were going to dwarf the space!  We kept and helped restore quite a few of the features that the property had, although not likely the originals we wanted to keep the apartment as true to it’s origins as possible hence we kept the fireplace, shutters and cornicing only adding finishing touches that would increase their beauty such as a new fire basket for the fireplace and handles for the shutters.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 2

With such a large space it is very important to ‘zone’ it correctly. We wanted each area to have it’s own feeling whist working together as a whole. We had three main zones that we needed to incorporate in to the design, the kitchen, the dining area and the living area.

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Porta Romana Lamps

Glass and Perspex Lamps

Porta Romana are one of my favourite lamp producers.  Their lamps add an instant feeling of luxury to our of our Interior Designs.  Here is a selection of my favourite autumnal palette lamps

These colours also always remind me of this rug that you will be seeing a lot more of very soon.  We will be relaunching our rug collection in the very near future so please remember to sign up for our newsletter to be able to get the latest news and also all the amazing offers that will be available.

Kia Designs - Nature Blows Brown- In Conservatory- High Res

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Marble Shower Room

The wonderful part about being a designer is the amount of different people you get to design for, from all around the world, living in all different parts of the world.  It’s fantastic but sometimes you forget how beautiful a design can be till you revisit it.  In searching through old folders I found these very quick snaps of a marble shower room we designed for clients in Baker Street.


The bespoke hand made bathroom units mean that the room has a sleek look but still has ample storage.


The spares were all extremely limited but the use of the marble and the black mosaic made the room have an instant wow factor.  I still love it to this day!

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Revisiting an old love

A long long time ago, in a galaxy…. no wait!   Over a year ago we saw this wonderful design at Tent London.

We absolutely loved it and knew it was going to be a big hit, well I hate to say I told you so! We were right and we wanted to give you a bit of an update as these guys are creating more beautiful designs for us to all enjoy.

Yes! You can now have hercules to hold your iPad perfectly for you….oh and of course he charges it with some of his amazing super strength (I wonder if it will make the battery last any longer?)

All images from  and you can now purchase online here

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