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Kia is an award winning London Interior Designer based in East London. Her studio takes on projects from around the world. Our studio prides itself on being able to provide a hassle free Interior Design process that provides clients with a design that is perfectly tailored to their lifestyle

Design Junction and the Discerning Buyer

Over the years Design Junction has matured from a student show, complete with a tequila bar, to a platform for eco and cost conscious urban designers to showcase their innovative wares whilst sipping fair trade coffee. It attracts press from all around the world and the exhibitors tend to be the makers themselves, so you get a real sense of the history and purpose of the brand.

Reducing the cost of ‘high design’ seemed to be at the forefront of many of the companies. The owner of Vita Copenhagen originally owned a series of restaurants before branching out into the design trade, so was use to dealing with large statement lighting. He was aware that not everyone can splash £3000 for a chandelier and concluded that the bulk of the cost was in shipping fees, so he went about designing a large light that could be folded and flat packed with minimal packaging, therefore greatly reducing costs without compromising quality or design. His bigger pieces retail around the £800 mark.



Photos from Design Junction Cubitt House Kings Cross 2016

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House Interior Design

Do you want to refurbish your home? Do you want eye-catching interiors for your new home? Kia Designs can help you realise your imagination. Our experienced and modern designers strive to cater to the needs of each and every client to come up with incredible outcomes for house interior design.Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 08.45.22

Make your Dream Home Come True with our Interior Design Service

Kia Designs, with an aim to provide complete client satisfaction, creates unbelievably impressive interiors for your home. Whether you are looking for the perfect storage unit or more space, we can assist you. Whether you wish a cosy appearance or free flow of air and sound, we can come to your assistance. With precision of design, appeal of colour, perfection of texture and ideal illumination, we make sure that each room narrates a story of its own. Our stylish and elegant creations blend seamlessly with each other to impart a flowing grace to your interiors.


An Efficient Work Culture to Offer you Quick Results

With our dedication and passion, we have emerged as a trusted name in the field of house interior design. You can avail our first free consultation to get an idea about our work procedure. We also create a mood board for your confirmation. Our architectural experts make sure that the layout and measurement of walls and floors are appropriate, while our design connoisseurs use their insight to carve the internal space of your home with beauty.

Contact Us

To know more about our house interior design services, you can send us an e-mail or call us. Our experts will reply with the most suitable solution or visit your home to survey it.

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Inside A Knightsbridge Bedroom Design

Designs can come for the most humble of beginnings, if I told you that this extremely simple drawing became one of the most lavish and beautiful bedroom designs we have had the pleasure of working on you might not believe me.

Enjoying rough sketching out a design #design #sketch #interiordesign

A photo posted by Kia Stanford (@kiadesigns) on

When we initially sketch out a design, such as this Knightsbridge bedroom, we are mainly looking at getting the focus and proportions of the room correct. We knew we were going to be using wide doors for the whole of the property (90cm) and so we needed the bed area to be able to hold it’s own.

We did this by using a super king size bed. The 2 meter width was easily contained in the room and still left a large amount of space for the dressing areas on both side of the bed. The width of the bed was also a balancing weight to the 2 meter high headboard that we specified. The mix of colours and textures draws your eye without dominating.

Knightsbridge Interior Design -Master Bedroom Walkin

The chairs that make up what we had previously envisioned as a bench really help to finish off the design, the fabric was completely worth the amount of pain it took to get hold of it! (It’s all still too raw but maybe we will go into it sometime)

We Offer Transparent Service with No Additional Fees

Kia Designs was founded with the mission to provide clients with supreme and transparent service. Winning the trust of each of our clients is our prime objective. That is why we offer a clearly defined pricing structure and never ask for any extra charges.

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Take a tour of our portfolio section to see the remarkable residential interiors designed by the famous interior architect and designer Kia Stanford. Sign up for our free email newsletters and stay updated with our exclusive offers. We offer a free initial consultation.

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Stunning Bespoke Embroidery Art

New Designers, held every year in the Business Design Centre in Islington is a fantastic platform for up-and-coming talent. We go every year in search of fresh, innovative designs and emerging trends. This year we were particularly taken by the intricate work of Bristol based textile artist Jacky Puzey, whose digital embroidery and layers of laser-cut sheer fabrics create luxurious tableaus of urban wildlife.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 16.21.50

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 16.30.10

Jacky does bespoke commissions and we are hoping to use one of her unique and stunning pieces in our upcoming Knightsbridge project. We particularly love the textures created by her stitched mixed media – she often incorporates feathers, fabrics, wallpapers, dried flowers and leathers. The hyena above uses goat fur and feathers. Jacky’s preferred base is a thick organza, traditionally used for kimonos, which is transparent and when framed gives a slight hint as to the surface behind the work, with visible shadows from the embroidery, creating an extra layer.

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Kia Designs starting to be a Carbon Neutral Business

Here at Kia Designs we like to carbon offset our yearly contributions and invest in environmental projects in the UK. We try to keep as paperless an office as possible, and keep our printing output low.

Interior Design isn’t the cleanest industry, we use lots of cotton (particularly in carpets and curtains) which is one of the most damaging crops on the planet. Fire regulations mean we coat a lot of products is some serious chemicals. We fly all over the world to attend trade shows. Then there’s the footprint for shipping furniture around the world, which is always very convoluted. A cane chair might be constructed in a village in Vietnam. Then coated with a varnish that has been made in China, shipped to the US and then sent back to factories in Asia. The chair might then be sent on to a wholesaler in China, bought by an American firm and shipped to their warehouse in Texas where it will be bought by a retailer, who truck it to their company. From there they send it to one of their international stores, say London, where we purchase it and send it to Dubai for a client. It’s more well travelled than your average yuppie.

Our office, WeWork, is very good at keeping track of our carbon footprint as a building. We have access to printing and building reports, such as the one below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 15.53.59

So we know how much we’re churning out and can counter it. This year we have purchased a tree through Carbon Footprint Ltd, who provide trees all over the UK. And we’ll continue to buy one each year to make sure we’re always compensating for our impact. We also use recycling when ever possible – both in the office and with the building materials and furniture we use. We source from the UK whenever possible and we always favour green businesses. We also calculate how much we need to offset with our commute to work and any work trips we take throughout the year.

We haven’t yet done a completely “green” project, but it’s an area we’d love to explore more, so if you or anyone you know has an upcoming project with a green agenda, we’d love to hear about it!



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Interior Design Services

Kia Designs is home to mesmerising interior design solutions. We offer high class interior design services to cater to your needs. Our professionals, with years of experience in the field, deliver perfect designs for your dream home.
At Kia Designs, we offer only the best services to all of our esteemed clients. With the goal to offer value and high return on investment, we bring you stunning designs. With the aim to provide complete client satisfaction, we limit our studio project uptake to only 6 projects at any one time, giving you an extremely personalised service.

20160623 Office-053

Complete Interior Design Services to Make your Home Look Perfect

Whether you want contemporary design or a retro look, we can help create the perfect interior for your home. From the colour combination to the finish of the walls and floor, from placement of furniture to choice of accessories, we can assist in each and every aspect of your home’s design. Our experts in interior design services help you to choose the right type of furniture and other accessories to suit your needs.

20160623 Living Room-002

Our experts will only work with the contractors that you approve. We make sure that the suppliers provide us with the best items in the market. With us at your service, your home design dream can soon become reality.

Contact Us

Call us to know in detail about our interior design services. You can also send us an email with your questions. Our specialists will offer a free first consultation. Subscribe to our newsletters and you can receive an Investment Guide from us, which helps you to decide how to break up your investment.

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Interior Designer London

Kia Designs presents you with an eclectic range of energetic and vibrant interior design solutions. With Kia Stanford – a genius London interior kia2-smalldesigner heading us, we have established ourselves as one of the superior interior decoration companies in the city. If you want to decorate your home with an impressive appearance, we can be of assistance.

We Put in our Best Efforts to Come up With Unique Results

With the urge to create superb interiors, our experts help you in remodelling or creating your living quarters. Our team of interior designers help you with a variety of home styles including tiny homes, apartments and bungalows with proper finish of the walls and floor, electrical layout and more. Whether it is your drawing room, study or bedroom, our dedicated staff ensure the perfect realisation of your dream ideas. With the right materials, colour combination, and utility of light and space, we create a wonderful living experience for you.

Avail our Smooth Work Process

Our efficient London interior design professionals survey your site to create a tentative layout, which is then set up before you as a mood board. Following suggested amendments from you, we make changes and give you a list of contractors to choose from. We procure raw materials, arrange the work schedule, facilitate the storage of new furniture until old furniture is donated to charity and ensure timely delivery of the final design.

Project 4 - Putney Bridge - Image 2

Contact Us

Call us to book a free first consultation. Our London interior design experts will visit your home and help you to make your design decisions. You can alternatively subscribe to our newsletters and get the Investment Guide.

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Extraordinary Bathroom Makeover

Sometimes you look at a bathroom makeover and you realise how extraordinary it was. How large the luxury interior design scheme was and how much this extraordinary bathroom makeover will change the life of the clients who will be moving into it. This is one of those makeovers, you wouldn’t look at this bathroom and think ‘luxury’ but that’s what it became.

2015-05-29 16.48.45

This bathroom needed a lot of work to remodel it and it went through various layouts before we found the one that combined the limitations of the space, property and the dreams of the client.  This bathroom is an ensuite and will need to be used by many different family members who are at varied ages. For younger children the space is great, the seating that is built in to the shower allows them a space to sit if needed and the combination of overhead shower and hand shower gives many options.


For older guests or as the client ages, a key in the timeline and longevity of the project, the large shower area also works and provides the added comfort of seating that is still luxurious without resorting to more standard and less slightly alternatives. A big part of this design was also that the clients are a Muslim family and providing a warm and inviting space where they could easily ready themselves for prayers was imperative.

The art feature at the back of the shower is actually Onyx that was brought in from Mexico, it has been back lit so that it almost seems as if it were molten and provides a wonderful organic movement to the overall design. As this was created as a feature we specified a must more muted and pared down marble to accompany it. For ease of cleaning and longevity we selected a porcelain tile over its marble counterpart, it has the same design without the downsides over maintenance.

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Blue is the Hue – Dulux Colours Trends at Colour Futures 2017

If you’re looking for a simple, but on trend way to revamp your home Dulux’s colour futures will provide you with some great inspiration! Kia Designs was fortunate enough to attend the release of the Dulux Colour of the Year 2017, where they announced what colour trends are to be desired in the new year, and we loved them all!

The Dulux team has put together a collection that encapsulates our current moment in time, what they title as ‘life in a new light’, a feeling of freshness and simplicity of the ordinary everyday that everyone can relate to. These simple but significant things that makes life special and extraordinary.

And the staple of that collection and the Colour of the Year… (drumroll please)

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Home Design

If you want to get the best design for your home, you should be working with Kia Designs. We are a renowned interior decoration company in London offering high end and splendid home design solutions.
Years of experience in the industry has created a prominent position for us in the niche. We strive to bring you a comfortable and soothing living experience. Our experts, with their attention to the minute details, design your home. If you want to design your new home, we will design it according to your wishes. In case, you are remodelling an existing home, we can make it look as good as new.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.31.50
Quality Designs to Offer Comfortable Living Conditions

With detailed knowledge about your preferences, we design your interiors in a manner which facilitates proper flow of air and light. Our home design experts help you to decorate your rooms with accessories that can make it look like the perfect embodiment of peace and comfort. If you have young children, we make sure that there are no sharp edges jutting out in any part of the room. With precision and an eye for detail, we deliver properly painted and decorated rooms that go with your personality. Starting from the floor to the ceiling, our workmanship will startle you with its smoothness.

Knightsbridge Interior Design - Entrance Hall
Contact Us

Subscribe to our newsletter to get your hands on our Investment Guide. You can call us to speak directly to one of our experts and book a consultation. Alternatively, you can email us with your questions regarding our home design services.

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Expanding Family – Extending Home

To design and furnish a new extension to the rear of the property, creating a large, modern, family kitchen and dining area well as converting the current basement into a cinema lounge and bar area, wine store, w/c and utility room.

Urban family living

The kitchen and dining area will provide a more functional space for a young family, as well as being able to serve larger dining occasions when multiple family members are hosted. The colour scheme will continue the neutral, muted, contemporary tones throughout the house. Possible bifold doors will be added to help connect the dining room to the garden for extended living space in the summer months.

Dulwich Kitchen/Diner

The styling will be contemporary and sleek, with handless doors, flat colours and clean lines. A kitchen island will be introduced for maximum surface area and storage. Careful attention will be given to allow ease of movement around the kitchen, and avoid guests getting in the way. A pantry store will be created to easily access all dried goods and monitor stock levels.


Magnificent Larder Kitchen

To blend this modern kitchen into its period property surroundings, unobtrusive architectural features, such as coving, will tie the extension into the rest of the building. All surfaces will be hardwearing and low maintenance, and clever use of void spaces, such as under the stairs, will be utilised for extra storage. Visual interest will be added by carefully placed display shelving, which will create interesting vistas from the reception room.
The cinema room will benefit from an entire bank of storage along the side wall. Darker tones will create a cosier environment for films and drinking and general entertaining. Ideally, if possible, a corner sofa will be used for lounging. A small corner bar will provide ample wine storage, and will access, via a small pocket door the utility room, where fridge/freezer and sink facilities will be available. The room will be accessible through double pocket doors, which will go someway to damped escaping sound, and comply with fire regulations.

Notting Hill House

The large utility room will provide clothes washing/drying facilities, copious storage for cleaning products, mops, brooms etc, as well as a large fridge/freezer to accommodate overspill from the kitchen and serve the bar. The utility room door and wine storage will be lockable.

A small w/c, in a similar clean, modern style to the other bathrooms in the property will occupy the area beside the utility room, and a small amount of storage space will make use of the space next to the stairs.

Battersea House


Cost saving measures are possibly by not going ahead with the light-well in the basement, onto which you would have the expense of blackout blinds, and by changing the semi-sliding glass door from the kitchen into a wooden pocket door.

Well-defined Pricing, No Hidden Charges and Transparent Service

We consistently make efforts to achieve full client satisfaction. We provide our clients with clear pricing, and at the end of the project you will not be asked for any additional fees. Kia Designs is well-known for offering transparent service which is one of the main reasons why we are recommended by our clients and why most of our clients keep coming back to us.

Contact Us Today

We welcome you to explore our portfolio and avail our free initial consultation. You can also sign up for our free email newsletters to know about latest interior styling tips and special offers.

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Affordable Interior Design

Kia Designs presents you with magnificent interior design services that catch attention at the very first instance. We offer high quality, yet affordable interior design solutions to our clientele. Our studio design service is affordable luxury at it’s very best. You can benefit from the system that leaves clients feeling stress free whilst knowing that your budget will be made the most out of.


With our help, you can plan the design of your newly built home or refurbish your existing home. Years of experience has taught us about the needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you have children in your house or elderly relatives, you can rely on us to create astounding interior design solutions.

We Pay Attention to Utility of Space and Resources

With ample space to walk or run about, your home will be the perfect abode you are dreaming of having. With your safety and comfort as our prime considerations, we place furniture carefully and cover exposed areas jutting unnaturally out of the wall.
In order to offer you affordable interior design services, we make the most of the resources available at our disposal. With us, you can rest assured that your interiors will have a graceful look.


Visualisation of a finished design

Our Services are Designed to Offer Optimum Attention to each Client

Our procurement experts make sure that each and every item needed for a project is available in the best quality. For our valued clients, we do not compromise on quality. To ensure complete dedication to each project, we do not take on more than 6 interior design projects at a time.

Knightsbridge Interior - Ensuite Shower 2

The finished design is better than you can imagine

Contact Us

Do you want to avail our first free consultation? Call us and book an appointment for a site survey. You may also email us with your queries regarding our affordable interior design services. By subscribing to our newsletters, you can obtain our Investment Guide, which can assist you in your home decorating endeavour.

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Creating A Tile Pattern

Design needs to be immensely functional and this is especially true when you are in a vulnerable position – such as naked after a shower! We’ve all had that moment where you step into the shower and the doorbell goes or the phone rings. You often at this moment feel both annoyed and exposed, obviously the person on the other side of your front door doesn’t know that you’re naked but you instantly become aware of how quickly (or slowly) you can get yourself to a presentable state – whether that be a little more dry or completely fully dressed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.51.26

Layout set for a new ensuite, everything is within easy reach

You wouldn’t think that this extremely personal and vulnerable position has anything to do with tile patterns but you would be wrong. Bathrooms should be designed with the end users in mind and this doesn’t end at where the toilet is positioned or whether to put a douche spray in.  Once the functions are decided we want to make sure that the user’s attention is pulled around the room to the parts of the design that are most interesting or of most significance.

While working on a recent project we found this particularly useful. Once the design was set we needed to make sure that people’s attention in the room was going to be drawn towards the part of the design that we most wanted. For this design it was important to blend the old and the new. The house has a good mix of both but tends to lean towards the more traditional for the most part. For this reason we opted to go with metro tiles that had a crackled feel to them, we had quite a few muted tones to choose from.

Tough colour choices for a family bathroom we are working on #interiors #interiordesign #inspiration #tiles

A photo posted by Kia Stanford (@kiadesigns) on

These tiles were the perfect addition to this bathroom design but it was going to be the tiles pattern that really set them apart.  We needed to look at where we wanted the tiles to sit in the

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.51.31

Elevations of the bathroom

So how does someone ringing the bell while we’re in the shower have any bearing on the tile pattern? Well, when you are in a rush you aren’t always the most careful and we need to make sure the room and withstand the whirlwind of rushing that this can cause.  We need to make sure that the areas that you may splash quickly when rushing are tiled so that they don’t damage easily and any other areas that might get an incidental splashing aren’t going to be damaged in the process.

Tile Pattern

Tile Pattern

The final tile pattern does just that and we can’t wait to share the finished images with you!

Home Design Gets Redefined with Kia Designs

Kia Designs has reinvented the standard of home design. With a completely customised approach, we set off with the design process keeping in mind your requirements and expectations about your perfect home. Kia Stanford will personally pilot your home design project, right from the initial consultation. You can have the peace of mind that your living space will exude luxury, comfort and the modern home decor trends with your vision.

Get in Touch With Us

What is your idea about your dream home? Share it with us and we will translate it incredibly. Our initial consultation is free. Sign up for our free email newsletters for home design tips and exclusive offers

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Interior Design Greenwich London

Kia Designs offers spellbinding interior design solutions to its valued clients. We are a leading interior design company offering stylish interior decoration for residences in and around London. Our Greenwich London interior design services have helped us create a special place in the hearts of our clients.

20160623 Bedroom 2-032

Our interior design experts put in their best efforts to render form to your imagination. If you want a spacious bedroom with a perfect finish in paint and design, we can provide you with the ultimate solution. Our experts help you to decide the positioning of furniture to enable air and light to reach every corner of the room. We help you to decide upon the perfect piece of furniture for your interiors. Whether you want a dignified or a charming look for your room, we can assist you with the perfect idea.

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Commissioning Art

At Kia Designs, previously blogged about how to design a room around a piece of art, now we’re going to focus on the opposite – commissioning a bespoke piece to match the room.

Kia Design Project

A Kia Designs living room. Our colour scheme was based around this stunning piece of fabric. To pull everything together we then had it stretched like a canvas and hung to add a focal point to the room.

Finding art to dress a room after you’ve completed the design can be one of the most pleasurable parts of finishing off your interior. You might want to hold out and look for it on your travels, or go browsing in in the glossy galleries around Mayfair (they sell prints too, so even if your budget doesn’t stretch to a Rothko canvas, you can pick up something like a Henry Moore print for around the £2000 mark. It’s be a great talking point and will be an excellent investment!). You could head to an auction house to see check out the offerings (after Christmas is always a good sale time) or you could look at online site such as which displays 1000s of artists, with easy to use search functions to narrow down the hunt.

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