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Kia is an award winning London Interior Designer based in East London. Her studio takes on projects from around the world. Our studio prides itself on being able to provide a hassle free Interior Design process that provides clients with a design that is perfectly tailored to their lifestyle

Interior Design Blackheath

Do you want to decorate your interiors with stunning beauty? In that case, you can approach Kia Designs. Our team of interior design experts are known throughout London. Our high quality Blackheath interior design services have made us a renowned name in the home decoration industry in the Southeast part of London.

Residential Interior Designer
With deep insight into what our clients need, we strive to translate their dreams into reality. Our professionals use their knowledge and education to aesthetically deliver your dream design. Whether you want to refurbish your existing home or want to build a new home, we can assist you.

We make Perfect use of Available Space

Whether it is your bedroom or living room, we endeavour to make maximum use of the space available. We position furniture at the right place to ensure enough leg space in the room. With perfect understanding of home design, our Blackheath interior design professionals make sure that air and light flow smoothly inside your home.

We Assist in Designing your Home just the Way you Desire

With the aim to help you realise your dreams, we pay attention to each and every detail which can transform your interiors. Whether you are looking for ideal storage space or aesthetic blending in your bathroom, we can help you.

Contact Us

Paddington W2
Call us or send us an email with your Blackheath interior design queries. You can fix an appointment with our experts who can visit your home and offer a free first consultation. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive our Investment Guide.

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Do Interior Designers Alway Buy Expensive Stuff?

Do you have 5* taste and a 2* budget? People often have the perception that interior designers will go for the most expensive products. This really isn’t true (although there are charlatans in every industry). We always go for the product that we feel best fits the design and requirements of the client – if we are designing for a holiday home that is rarely used, we’ll look at less hardwearing fixtures, fittings and furniture. This perception usually stems from the fact our customers have never shopped for most of the products we regularly purchase, and therefor don’t really know the correct market price.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 09.35.26

A client recently said to us “I think the bathroom you are putting in is too Gaggenau – everything is too high quality, we’d like more Miele. Good middle of the range.”

The problem with that statement, is we really weren’t going for high end, by any stretch. We were going for solid middle-of-the-market stock, from an established brand. We won’t get the super cheap things from eBay for you, as we can’t guarantee their longevity. If we’re putting in a beautiful floor for you, we want to make sure we’re not then installing taps which will leak in their first year and require the floor to be taken up! The industry average bathroom sink tap set costs £320. Anything above that is high end. Anyone who has bought a toilet knows you buy them in parts. You might think that price is attached to the whole thing, but generally it’s just for the bowl. You’ll need to also purchase the cistern, seat, flush plate, waste pipe, connector etc. Because most people haven’t ever bought a shower, or taps, they just don’t really know where the standard value line lies, and it’s never fun to spend lots of money on the less “fun” aspect of a design, like shower glass or a toilet.

Knightsbridge Interior Design - WC Details2

You might, for example see a bath you like advertised on TV for something like £400. You show us a picture or send us a link and we included something similar in our design for £1000. At first, this looks like we’ve just encouraged you to spend more, but the real reason is probable more to do with the fact the advertised bath was just a bath. We’ve had to add a plug, taps, drainage, delivery and VAT. Then the one in the advert might have been cast iron, which would be too heavy for your 1st floor, and the cost of reinforcing the floorboards would send costs through the roof. We could have gone for plastic, but you like using bath bombs and salts, and they eat away at the surface, making the bath very difficult to clean in the future, so we’ve gone for the look you wanted in enamel, which is a little bit more expensive, but better suits your lifestyle and will save you time and money in the long run. We’ve also probably purchased it from a more reputable supplier who we know will replace it hassle free if there is a problem – after care is very important to us with all of our projects. We also tend to get trade discounts, which we pass on, which makes the more established brands more affordable.

Some designs can be scaled down, and you can achieve a similar look at a substantially cheaper price. But there are other costs to consider. In the next post, we’ll look at how you can get the look you want for less.

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Soak and Sleep AW16 Event

The design projects that we get involved with encompass every element of reworking a space that you can think of, from knocking through walls and putting in sky lights, to the minute details such as discovering the perfect pillow for each of our clients. We are constantly striving to find new, innovative and luxurious products, so the Soak and Sleep AW16 event was a great opportunity to delve into the delights of duck down! They have a vast range of pillows and duvets which provide customers with whatever texture pillow takes their fancy. All of these touchable inners were presented in bowls so we could all to really get to grips with the materials themselves. They ranged from silky Hungarian Goose Down (our personal favourite!) to hypoallergenic synthetic microfibre, which not only keeps those alleges at bay, but also has been sanitised and treated so that it stays fresh and bacteria free, pretty techie for a pillow..

Soak and Sleep AW16

Soak and Sleep Pillow Fillings

New Linen Collections

Not only did they focus on the fundamentals of picking the perfect base for your bedding, they also had a number of their beautifully elegant linens on show.

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House Interior Design

Kia Designs is the most sought-after interior design company in the UK. The remarkable creativity of Kia Stanford, Creative Director and Head Interior Designer at Kia Designs, has garnered huge appreciation overseas as well. With an ever-increasing clientele in London and abroad, we can provide you with amazing house interior design services within a set budget and timeframe. Whether you want to design the interiors of your new house or revamp the interiors of your existing property, we can be the ideal choice for the fabulous and perfect representation of your taste. Kia Stanford is commended for her remarkable ability to delve into the idea in your mind and present you with a layout that matches your expectations aptly.

Residential Interiors Designed by Kia Designs Blend Style and Comfort Perfectly

Blending style and comfort with an absolutely personalised approach is our forte. While preparing the layout, we apply our creativity and technical knowledge keeping in mind your specific taste and style. Armed with knowledge of the latest home decor trends and styles, our dynamic and savvy team with Kia Stanford at the helm designs plush interiors. Each of our interior designers is well-versed in working on a wide range of house interior design projects, from small and medium size to large-scale revamp and design projects.

Knightsbridge Interior Design - Twin Bed Shower

We Offer Crystal Clear Pricing with No Hidden Charges

We have been the most trusted choice for most of our clients not only because of our excellent creative faculty and attention to detail, but also because of our clearly defined pricing and transparent service. We do not request any extra fees beyond the amount quoted. We take on projects of different sizes and have fabulous interior design solutions suiting any budget.

Reach Us Today

Explore our portfolio. If you are impressed, contact us to discuss your thoughts and ideas. Sign up for our free email newsletters to be aware of our special offers for house interior design services. We offer a free initial consultation.

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Ballroom Refurbishment

At Kia Designs we were very excited when we first viewed this particular property, a ballroom refurbishment sounded completely captivating. The natural features of this apartment were apparent from the outset: as you enter you are greeted with a stunning double height ceiling which would have served as a ballroom in days gone by. The other feature that immediately strikes you is the superb light that the apartment receives; the sunlight enters at an angle that illuminates the apartment with a warm yet refreshing light.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 5

The fact that the apartment also boasts a balcony from which one can admire the view, as well as the sun, is also a very welcomed bonus. All of these factors contributed to our determination to create an incredible living space for our client and to give the apartment the finish that its natural features deserve. Our first step towards creating the perfect apartment for our client was to listen to what he wanted. This part of the process we refer to as the ‘client analysis’ and it is when we soak in as much information about our client and their tastes as possible. Our client, in this case, was very clear and articulate regarding what he wanted. The words which our client used were ones such as: ‘sleek’, ‘calming’, ‘entertaining’, ‘modern’, ‘relaxing’ and ‘masculine’.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 8

One matter that the client was relatively particular about was restoring the ballroom area to its former glory but with a modern slant. The ballroom, historically, was an area to entertain and mingle: in a 21st century context it was vital for this amazing space to serve a similar purpose but in a different way. Our vision, having analysed our client’s requirements and taste, began to take shape very swiftly. We decided that we wanted to draw attention to the natural beauty of the apartment and enhance it with a clever layout and a sprinkling of amazing feature pieces. In essence we had it in mind to not overpower the natural appeals of the apartment but simply add to it.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 6
It was our intention, especially given the enormity of the main living area, to create very separate living and dining areas. In order to give the seating area its own persona we decided to define its boundaries using a ‘Stepevi’ rug. This rug is an example of how we used the apartment’s natural features to our advantage; the way in which the light hits this rug is quite incredible as innumerate shades are revealed by the sunlight. On top of this, the rug is extremely comfortable underfoot which creates a relaxing and welcoming entertaining area. Given the rather square nature of the rug and corner-unit combination it was vital that we employ a coffee table that would give the area a more contemporary look: the coffee table that we went for is both modern and practical and it simply gleams in the sunlight! In order to make the most of the 5 meter high ceiling that the property boasts we knew that we had to use some eye-catching ceiling lights. It was very clear to us that if we were to drop such lights from the centre of the room that it would be almost impossible for us to creating separate areas within the large living space.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 4

As a result we decided to hang 3 Tom Dixon lights from the ceiling over the dining table: the lowest of the 3 lights is less than a metre above the dining table which really accentuates the height of the ceiling whilst also providing very intimate and practical lighting.
Another very important part of this design was the German oak parquet flooring. In a room this size it is particularly effective and it uplifts all items which stand upon it. We were very keen, for example, to give the kitchen its own identity (in addition to its feature tap and crisp, white wall units) and it was with this in mind that we had a bespoke, solid walnut, kitchen worktop made. This beautiful piece of wood holds its own against the parquet flooring: this union is also aided by the ‘Ligne Roset Stools’ which, whilst also being a feature piece in their own right, draw the tones of the woods together.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 3

There are also other examples of the flooring working nicely in conjunction with other woods. Take the low-line Italian sideboard for example: the walnut front of this piece contrasts nicely with the parquet flooring but without being distracting – such contrasts adds layered warmth to the design.
I am particularly fond of the triangular bookcase which we designed: it obviously makes great use of an otherwise redundant space (which now, coupled with the gorgeous ‘Andrew Martin’ chair, creates an excellent reading corner) but it also works well with the wenge steps which adorn the staircase. Given the fact that we wanted the apartment to have a masculine feel we knew that any ornamentation had to be apt. The ‘unicorn’ statue in the corner of the room, for example, stands upon a very practical display unit and works perfectly with the hanging lights. The decision to insert a copper accent into the room was guided by the hanging lights and can be found very subtly within the woods and the artwork – once again we were careful to not overpower the apartment but instead keep it very free and relaxed, an intention which is also highlighted by the glass banister which helps the apartment to retain its seamless appeal.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 10
Even though we moved walls within the apartment to create a gym area, the largest problem that we faced was the low ceiling in the bathroom with regards to installing a shower. We dealt with this issue by installing the shower into the ceiling which adds an undeniable sleekness to the design. The shower itself is amply proportioned and is accented by a stone mosaic. The rest of the bathroom has a rich, spa-like quality which is both warm and inviting: this warmth also carries through into the walnut units which exude classiness and give the apartment a continuity which is vital in creating homeliness.
We are very happy that we have given this beautiful property the makeover that its stunning natural features deserve: this project was a joy to work on and has inspired many of our current clients as they consider how to transform their homes with the help of Kia Designs!

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What Does Being A Registered Interior Designer Mean?

For many industries there are some accepted facts;
You’re a doctor in a hospital – you’ve been through medical training
You’re an electrician – you studied and got qualified in your field
and with both of these they are easily checked, a degree or certificate can be shown. However, for interior design things seem to get a little murky.  Are all the people calling themselves Interior Designers qualified in the same way? Do they all have the professional skills to be able to take on your project?

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 09.36.00

I don’t believe that every Interior Designer should have come to the professional at a particular time or through a very set pathway – diversity in all areas will benefit us all and you don’t need to have studied at University in order to be a great interior designer. However, there should be some way of telling whether the person in front of you is up to the task.  The BIID have been working for many years to find a way of doing this, creating a professional pathway to be able to guide new designers throughout the years and now introducing the title of ‘Registered Interior Designer’.


What does it mean to be a ‘Registered Interior Designer’?

Ultimately it’s a stamp of approval from the only national professional standard for interior designer’s, the BIID. It means that, as a designer, you continue to learn and grow through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars, lectures and courses. That you have been vetted by other experienced designers in the industry over how you run projects for clients and how your systems work in order to uphold a high standard of practice. A vetting by those who have been in the industry and are looking to not only better the design world but also better you by holding you up to a extremely high level of service.

For me, it means that I will be able to further work with young Interior Designers to create an industry that is open to all and provides all who want to get in to it with a clear set of guidelines that need to be upheld.

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Interior Design

Kia Designs brings you a wide range of stunning interior design options. Having worked in the industry for years, we have gained detailed insight into the needs and preferences of our clients. You can avail our dynamic interior design services to remodel or design your interiors from scratch. Our team of certified design professionals use their experience to craft awe-inspiring interiors for your home.

Internal Designs that Spell Magic

Whether it is about interior design, furniture design or interior architecture, our professionals are experts in all aspects of home decoration. We design tiny homes, penthouses, apartments and more for your dream homes.

Right from the initial stage to the final delivery of the project, we take care of all of your design needs. Our designers offer a free consultation and then create a mood board according to your design ideas. We make necessary changes as per your inputs and help you in deciding the electrical layout of your interiors.

With a realistic approach to interior design, we put in our best efforts to create appealing interiors that meet your budget.

We Tailor our Services as per Your Requirements

With the aim to offer complete client satisfaction, we strive to dedicate special attention to each and every project. Our motto of treating each client with equal importance has made us a favourite among our clientele. We handle only 6 projects at a time with the aim to deliver high quality and precision to each client.

Contact Us

Sign up to our newsletter to receive our Investment Guide on interior design. It can help you to decide how to invest your capital while you are opting for our services.

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Creating A Kitchen That Isn’t A Kitchen

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 13.46.35One of our current projects has a very exciting feature – a kitchen that blends seamlessly into the lounge. The client loved the large open space, but didn’t want to feel like they were sitting in or relaxing next to the kitchen.

The first thing to do when integrating or disguising any object is to break it up into little parts. We’ve used different materials to clad different areas of the design. The island has been clad in a stunning burl wood, and is on raised feet, making it look far more like a dresser or sideboard. The sink unit is then painted in lighter colours which blend in more with the wallpaper, and the marble surface actually goes all the way up the sides of the window, cladding out the whole box, rather than just having a splash back. We’ve made the most of a quirky bit of space, where the building window juts out, and madScreen Shot 2016-06-30 at 13.45.56e it part of the design, throwing out conventional proportions.

The cupboarding is clad in a polished metal, which is very unusual in kitchens – intact our kitchen company, Roundhouse are making the finish specially for us. It will be highly durable and light reflective, so should make a stunning, unique surface. Inside the cupboards is more countertop and surface area, hidden away so that you don’t have acres of marble top visible in the room. A whole coffee station complete with quoter tap and appliances waits patiently behind the doors, adding to the clutter free look of the space.

We’ve used lighting that would more commonly be found in a lounge or bedroom. But not using function specific lighting, you can really change the mood  of a space. Here it instantly looks for informal and relaxed. If you were looking over from the sofa, you would just think this is an extension of the same room.

The island countertop is very special. We’ve gone for a mixed blue marble, which reminds us of a Van Gogh. It balances nice with the large oil painting which will go on the wall behind it. The blend of tones in the stone is quite remarkable, and it’s a bold colour most people would find too dominating for a kitchen.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 13.54.57 art,vangogh,,blue,painting,starrynight-d21f549d4e557dd5561e02524ec64ce9_h

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 13.46.24

Behind the kitchen will stand a wall of mosaic tiles in a flower pattern, akin to a dutch still life, to continue the art theme. This will be the dominant feature of the room and you’ll completely forget that you’re making scrambled eggs in your living room and think you’re in a great grotto somewhere in Southern Italy. We’ve enjoyed placing it in such an unusual setting, not only for the attention it will receive, but also for the amusement it should bring.


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What Is A Mood Board And Why You Need One

Designer Ralph Caplin once said “Thinking about design can be hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous.”

When trying to convey a design idea, moods, feelings and textures can be hard to communicate. Professional interior designers will often use mood boards; a collection of textures, images and text related to a design theme as a reference point. They are an ideal way to convey your idea to clients, or to help them see how their inspirational image translates into actual samples.

A basic mood board for the colour scheme for a modern kitchen extension

A basic mood board for the colour scheme for a modern kitchen extension

There are a few rules if you are making a board, or to keep in mind if you are looking at one in a designer’s presentation.

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House Interior Design

House Interior Design doesn’t always just mean looking at a project once it’s finished, for this house Interior Design we worked with the client from the final plans through the build to the finished product.  This client’s story is a fascinating one and something that we hear more and more often with the changing way we use our homes.

Oakdean - House Build

Having always dreamed of building his own home, Duncan finally got the chance when looking at redesigning his home in Oakdean.  Having lived in many different cities around the world each trip back home highlighted more problems with the layout of the property, it simply didn’t work in its current form and any of the extension prospects didn’t fix the layout problems. The property had already been extended in the 70s and another small extension in the 90s – neither of which were working for how their family now used the property.

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Relocating to the UK? You Need To Read This

Moving to vibrant London?

Most people only think of hiring a residential interior designer when they buy or want to renovate, but it can be a really useful service for renters too.

Hampstead village is a great place for families

If you are being sent to, or coming back to the UK, Kia Designs can  help, and we can even handle everything from this end so that by the time you land on these shores your temporary home is all ready to go. Just let us see the floor plans and a few photos, and tell us which items of furniture you are shipping, give us a good idea of the quantity of your belongings and some style inspiration and we’ll purchase any necessary items for you and decorate it to your taste. We won’t do any wallpaper or painting or breach your tenancy agreement in any way. Because this is a light re-decoration we’ll only use products with a very short lead time, so we can move very quickly. This service will save you the hassle of arriving in an unfamiliar place and having to look for a sofa and dining table after a long day acclimatising to a new job.

This can be a very affordable way to adjust to new surroundings, you’ll just pay the design fee and a small buying fee, and then you
nters too. Rental properties can struggle to feel like a home, and if you know you are only going to be posted to the UK for 3 or so years it can be hard to find the motivation to settle in and make it feel like yours.  are ready to have your new boss over for drinks, and spend your early weekends out exploring this great city.

Call us today to hear how we can made the move a stress and hassle free experience for numerous relocating families and expats. We can handle your new home no matter where you are in the world…

Put your feet up and let us do the hard work!

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This Will Revolutionise Dubai Interior Design

You may have heard Kia, our head interior designer, is starting to take on Interior Design projects in Dubai for selected clients.  Interior Design in Dubai is constantly changing, with new developments such as Dubai Hills emerging we are finding that more and more homeowners are looking for designers to create their perfect home.

The Art Centre’s main and final construction package is expected to be complete in April 2017

The Art Centre’s main and final construction package is expected to be complete in April 2017

As we take on more projects in Dubai, especially for clients who have properties internationally, we are finding that clients have a more sophisticated design aesthetic.  They aren’t looking for bling and they aren’t looking for something that everyone else has and although Dubai has a huge selection of suppliers open to it from both Eastern and Western cultures it has been crucially missing one thing: a design centre.  Most major cities in the US and Europe have trade design centres that allow designers access to hundreds if not thousands of products for their clients in one easy to reach location.

Artist impression of the Art Centre

Artist impression of the Art Centre

Art Centre in Al Barsha will “host brands ranging from medium-end to high-end, covering more than 100 retail stores such as lighting, accessories, home-appliances, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, flooring, textiles, decoration materials and furniture.”. A statement from the developers, MMS Gulf, have said that the centre will “host brands ranging from medium-end to high-end, covering more than 100 retail stores such as: lighting, accessories, home-appliances, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, flooring, textiles, decoration materials and furniture”.  If this is anything like Chelsea Harbour here in the UK it will be an amazing resource for us taking on our Dubai based projects.

I look forward to hearing more about this at October’s Design Shows that we are eagerly anticipating more local and international design studios taking up residence in this beautiful new project.

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Interior Styling

Looking for exceptional interior styling services to refurbish your living space or decorate your new home in London? We can help you with exactly what you require. Kia Designs is one of the leading interior styling and design companies in the UK with a large and ever-increasing base of clients. Kia Stanford, Creative Director and Head Interior Designer at Kia Designs, is an award-winning interior designer who is praised for her capability to exactly translate the idea on the client’s mind. She is also commended for her skill to execute every project, be it small-scale or a complex large-scale one, within a specified timeframe and set budget.

Knightsbridge Interior Design -Master Bedroom Walkin

Stylish and Comfortable Residential Interiors with a Modern or Classic Appeal

Whether you want to liven up the interiors of your new home or your existing one, we will provide you with eye-catching designs suiting your budget. Be it modern allure or classic charm you want in your interior decor, have full faith in our talented design team led by Kia Stanford to not just fulfil but to exceed your expectations. We adopt a fully personalised approach to offer interior styling services to meet your needs. Firstly, we understand your thoughts, ideas and expectations. Then, we create a layout which is most likely to match your vision.

interior styling knightsbridge

Well-defined Pricing, No Hidden Charges and Transparent Service

We consistently make efforts to achieve full client satisfaction. We provide our clients with clear pricing, and at the end of the project you will not be asked for any additional fees. Kia Designs is well-known for offering transparent service which is one of the main reasons why we are recommended by our clients and why most of our clients keep coming back to us.

Contact Us Today

We welcome you to explore our portfolio and avail our free initial consultation. You can also sign up for our free email newsletters to know about latest interior styling tips and special offers.

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How Does An Interior Design Project Begin?

Sample gathering

Sample gathering

We’re often asked how we start a design. It’s a hard thing to answer as it’s really an intangible concept. After we’ve decided on the new layout, we start by asking the client a lot of questions, and getting a firm idea of what they don’t like and what they gravitate towards, as well as practical concerns (hard wearing, easy cleaning etc). Then we do a blitz of the major London showrooms for inspiration. We collect a few (we really try to limit these, as sampling for it’s own sake is a waste of everyone’s time and resources) samples and make note of features or furniture that would work. At first everything looks amazing and it can be overwhelming. Usually one product just fits perfectly. In our current project we have a wall of the dining area that we are planning to make a feature of. The client loves bright colours, florals and mosaics, so a quick trip into Bisazza resulted in us finding an amazing floral spread. Once we’d decided on that (you just sort of know) all the other research and sample gathering we’d done just fell into place. All of a sudden you can be looking at 100 fabric samples and instantly 80 aren’t going to work with the selected colours. Then 10 will be wrong sort of feeling. Out of the 10 remaining you’ll usually be able to reduce it to 1 or 2 which just work best. Likewise, colours that feature in the mosaic in a less dominant way can be introduced more heavily in the bedrooms, so that the whole scheme makes sense, without being too matchy-matchy or paint-by-numbers. It sort of grows organically once the tone and feel is established by the first object. Somehow until you’ve selected one or two objects, no matter how much you’ve seen inspirational pictures or know what you’re going for, without physical objects to relate things back to, the design never quite gathers pace (or gets legs). The truth is the design usually takes on a bit of a life of it’s own and you just have to go with it and mould it to the client’s requirements.


Kia designs inspiration

Browsing mosaic selections at Bisazza

kia designs mosaic inspiration

A mosaic feature wall at Sicis

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A Kitchen That’s A Cooks Dream

I love to cook so when you get a brief from a client that includes creating a kitchen that would be the jewel of the house you can’t help but do a little happy dance inside as a dream comes true.  This Knightsbridge kitchen was going to knock it out of the ball park! The brief from our client was to create a modern kitchen with a sleek design that was “a kitchen that’s a cooks dream”, it was in a large 4 bedroom property and needed to be designed as the hub of the house for a growing family. For our clients creating a home is a very different experience from buying a property. When you originally look around a property you are looking at space, location, amenities but once it’s yours you are looking to make it a home. Somewhere you can build memories, enjoy downtime with family and friends, watch children grow up.  It these future memories and feelings that need to be incorporated into a design, allowing the design scheme to change with the growing needs of the family – especially with little ones on the way!


Kitchen design is a complicated business, for a kitchen design to work well it needs to be based on the solid foundation of functionality. A place for everything and everything in its place. If you can first solve this problem then the design will not only flow but last a lifetime.

From simple beginnings: The initial layout of the kitchen was beyond simple

From simple beginnings: The initial layout of the kitchen was beyond simple

We originally worked on the basic layout before approaching kitchen designers, every company has a different way of creating a kitchen and we love hashing out new ideas with kitchen designers but part of what we enjoy creating for our clients is a scheme that works as a fully functioning home which is more than a sum of it’s parts. We keep the end result in mind with every decision we make to create a cohesive scheme that works effortlessly.

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