Belsize Grove Apartment, NW3

- Renovation - / Belsize Grove
  • Living Space: = ²
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2 + Utility space

Brief and Scope:

To create a homely and eclectic downsizing haven in the heart of leafy Belsize Park.

The lateral, penthouse, 3 bedroom flat will be updated and slightly reconfigured to provide 2 double bedrooms and a study, as well as creating a new utility room and more functional bathroom spaces. A small study area will also be created in the current niche in the master bedroom, which will be partially opened on to the lounge.

The clients will be bringing a considerable amount of their existing furniture, which we will integrate into the design, in a scheme that will allow the apartment to grow and change over time, as the client’s alternate furniture with their country abode/acquire new items on their travels.

The scheme will focus on practicality. Sensible, hard-wearing, dog-proof fabrics and colours, alongside a focus on comfort. Inspiration will be drawn lightly from cosy country living and shaker furniture, but updated and tweaked to be in keeping with a city flat. Everything will look curated but not overly styled, and we will avoid any trends, to prevent the flat ever becoming “dated”. The bathrooms and kitchen will focus on modern luxuries and conveniences, such as a boiling water tap in the kitchen.

The lighting scheme will provide a layered design, offering highly functional settings, for specific activities such as cooking, reading or crafting, as well as more atmospheric options, including  5amp run so that any table or floor lamps can be operated with a light switch.